Audi A4 saloon car review

the compact executive saloon sector is all about status and the Audi a4 projects plenty for ever been a thorn on the sides of the BMW 3-series and Mercedes c-class with the style badge and engine to compete with both and the company carpark yet.

The biggest area where Aldi has excelled in recent years is with its interiors and this latest a4 offers a high level of luxury and technology to keep you entertained on those motorway miles the a4 resembles an incremental smaller version and every other algae on sale though.

It looks simple subtle very elegant doing so the front is dominated by this oversized trapezoidal grille with the chrome edges and cut off corners plus the companies now signature daytime running LEDs they feature an aggressive light graphic that’s bespoke to the a4 and that should give.

You some strong visual presence when you’re coming up against anything in the Fastlane standard models get a gray color front grille and alloy wheels though this more popular and showy S line version receives gloss black inserts to the front grille revised front and rear bumpers as well as lowered suspension like all Audi cabins.

The a4s has a modern slightly driver-focused architecture that’s incredibly high-quality and intuitively laid out there’s a mixture of gloss and metal finishes to complement all this soft touch plastic and all the switchgear is incredibly tactile the driving position is comfortable thanks to an infinitely adjustable seat and steering wheel Plus.

This expansive glass house makes all-around visibility good there’s also plenty of practical considerations in here too for example the adoption of an electronic parking brake is freed up all this Center space so I’ve got two decent cupholders a nice bit of storage from a pens and a really decent central cubby.

There’s also a decent glovebox standard equipment includes three zone climate control Bluetooth and reverse parking cameras that you can also spec satellite navigation adaptive cruise control and brake recommendation which constantly monitors your driver inputs to make sure you never fall asleep at the wheel despite the front-wheel drive train of a lot of a4s including.

This test car you still get a fairly large central transmission tunnel that eats into rear space so it’s only good enough back here for two execs at a time though legroom and Headroom is decent the boot is the same size as a BMW 3-series but unlike the 3-series Rd offers fold down seating is standard and those shopping hooks are a nice touch to if you want your compact executive saloon to offer driving thrills buy a BMW 3-series failing that and check out the Mercedes c-class because the RDA 4 isn’t really in the same league dynamically the ride quality has improved over previous eight balls especially if you go for the adaptive dampers but it’s still quite firm and the steering is too numb and light to ever be that communicative however.

This is a fantastic high speed cruiser the cabin is well insulated from noise the car feels very stable at high speed and that dial down steering actually makes it a lot less fatiguing over long distances company car drivers will be interested in the 2-liter TDI diesel range the now spans for power units though the most efficient is the 136 PS TDI II now that emits 112 g/km of co2 and does quite brilliant sixty five point seven mpg on the combined run not quite up there with the BMW 320 EfficientDynamics but it’s damn close.

The Audi a4 has a strong aesthetic appeal that is deeply desirable the design will age gracefully and that cabin is a pleasure to spend time in though.

It isn’t as complete a driving experience as either the BMW 3-series or Mercedes c-class whether you choose the a4 over its other key rivals will ultimately depend on where your priorities lie but either way you won’t be disappointed

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