Audi A5 Cabriolet 2017 review

today we’re in Spain testing the all-new Audi a5 based on the award-winning Lda for it have a range of new or updated petrol and diesel engines that are both more powerful in most cases and also

greener than those that they replace today we’re looking at the 2-liter 190 horsepower TDI diesel question is is it better than the car it replaces let’s find out to drive the a5 2-liter TDI is

a refined and punchy former the engine doesn’t make too much noise and the ride is nice and comfortable perfect when you’re out and about cruising now it isn’t that much fun in the trix’s with

steering this precise rather than feels them if you are after something that’s really entertaining you are better in a BMW tour series merciful that said there isn’t much blustering when the roof is

down and it’s quick to put it up so 18 seconds to put it up 15 seconds to put it down at speeds of up to 31 miles an hour the a5 comes without his latest generation of entertainment system it’s

all really easy to read easy to navigate and it’s controlled by rote results between the seats in deployment options include a larger screen the center of

the dashboard with increased online connectivity and also Aldi’s 12.3 virtual cockpit that provides local information and replaces conventional tiles after a few hours behind the wheel of the new a

5 we can comfortably say that this is very much a cruiser rather than an out-and-out sports car still with a refined yet punchy engine and the wind in your hair and Sun on your head

there’s a lot to like about it for a full review.

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