Audi A6 Avant estate 2014 Model review

Whenever you drive an Audi every aspect of it feels so precise it’s like it’s been mapped up to the nearest millimeter the a6 event is a really good example of that and it comes from.

The traditional Aldi style of evolution rather than revolution.

I haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel here in fact the car still looks like a scaled go up or down version of every other Navi on sale but for this category the quality and the technology on offer.

It’s as good as we see big an Audi z– always seem to look better as estates up front the defining feature of the a6 Avant are these very bold LED headlamps coupled to the single-frame grille.

With a cut off cornice but the rest of the car appears less aggressive and more delicate as if it doesn’t really feel the need to shout check out this crease in the shoulder line that widens and then tapers as it runs from the front to the back it visually stretches the car and it creates.

This lovely interplay between light and shadow the boot might not be as spacious as a Mercedes e-class but it has a completely flat loading bay and also fold down rear seats so it can easily accommodate .

That occasional dishwasher to the tip scenario there are also a load of practical considerations like straps hooks a rail mounted luggage fixing system and you can even spec Odie’s hands-free operational system the interior of the Audi a6 van is noticeably more upmarket than its rivals everywhere.

You look there is tangible quality the materials like these very tactile aluminium dials the shut lines even the way the door thunks.

It’s stunning you can also see technology from the flagship AAT saloon cascading down into this model so we’ve got the latest incarnation of audi’s MMI control system standard as is dual zone climate control leather seat bluetooth and if you’ve got money to burn.

You can even spec some more extravagant options like night vision and a Bang & Olufsen sound system although the cars physical footprint hasn’t changed much since the previous generation a6 the wheelbase is longer so you get a lot more rear legroom.

But you’ll find the seating back there a bit firmer and a bit more upright compared to something like the Mercedes e-class the age six event is also leading the push on reducing emissions in this category with this 177 horsepower two-liter diesel now for a four-cylinder unit it offers a surprising amount of mechanical refinement and should help keep.

You running costs nice and low it’s quiet ish quick enough the RAI quality is so much better than the previous generation car if I’m the only real issue.

I’ve got with this manual version is that the pedals are slightly offset like the jugular XF there’s a lot of aluminium in the construction of the 86 and that’s made it one of the lightest cars in its category so it should be quite agile which it is the problem is it’s not that entertaining must because entry-level models use a front wheel drive train front.

Wheel drive Sassy’s are always going to come unstuck against rear-wheel drive offerings in the driver’s department they’re just not as fun they’re not as engaging to drive however.

If you don’t mind pushing the emissions card so much we’d say the three litre diesel with Quattro four-wheel drive could probably be the ultimate load looker you so the RDH six event remains a different.

But equally very appealing alternative to the BMW 5-series touring and Mercedes e-class estate but quite as dynamic is the Beamer not quite as comfy as the Merc but it has a rock-solid image a cabin that reeks of quality and an equipment list that is just frankly incredible even if it does come at a price

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