Audi A8 saloon review 2014

Audi A8 saloon review 2014 the a8 is Audi’s flagship model in the executive saloon market comparatively it’s quite new to this sector so it doesn’t have the pedigree of the Mercedes s-class or the history of the Jaguar XJ

but if you start scanning the pages of okay and Hello magazine you spot a bit of a theme where by most of the celebrities love to rock up to the red carpet in the back one of these like most Audi’s

the a8 is relatively low-key and stylish with much more emphasis on subtly sculpted surfaces than any sharp edges but the result is a timeless design is able to play a secondary role to the precious cargo in transit everything starts

Audi A8 saloon review 2014

from this trademark and dominant trapezoidal chromed grille with the cut off corners plus the companies now signature daytime running LED unit but what already calls a tornado line also starts from this front quarter and runs the entire length of this cars vast aluminium body echoing the flat window line to break up the visual weight and give the car more tension

but it’s inside where the a8 really stands out reinforcing out his reputation for quality and ergonomics this is one of the best-looking interiors on sale with a lush mix of high-quality materials

that is infinitely customizable including the color of this roof lining up front the driver gets this very strong wraparound graphic but all the controls remain clearly delineated and incredibly tactile

that is such an attention to detail in here for example this gear selector has also been designed as a wrist rest for operating all these lower section controls and even the indicator stalk has been finished in the same gloss black as the – like our luxury barges gadgets are important and this car has plenty

you start without these MMI interface that controls everything from your satellite navigation to your phone to your music harddrive and it’s all controlled through these rotating dials and this lovely little touchpad interface

but then you’ve also got massaging seats Aldi presents that can detect an imminent crash night vision and a Bang & Olufsen stereo make sure you don’t get too carried away

with the options mind as the price list can get pretty terrifying the only negative for drivers is this high set rear window which makes reversing completely reliant on the rear parking camera the a8 interior is as much about the people in the back as those in the front and if you value

your customer relations then this long wheelbase version is the one to go for as the additional 130 millimeters in length plus the 11 millimeters difference in height turns

this space from economy to business class again the seats can be electrically controlled heated and cooled plus all the other functions are operated through this pull down central armrest as for the boot it’s one of the few disappointing aspects really

with less space than both the Mercedes s-class and Jaguar XJ so let’s hope your passengers travel right the a8 is effortless to drive this best-selling 3 liter TDI diesel is coupled to an 8-speed automatic gearbox and it’s very smooth and yet it’s still able to hustle five point

two meters of limo to 62 miles an hour and 6.1 seconds the signature Quattro drivetrain offers all-weather security and you can even adjust the suspension through the MMI interface depending on whether you’ve got VIPs in the back all your driving solo it’s not the most involving car to drive quickly because the nose can feel a little bit heavy and the steering is a bit numb

but there’s masses of grip on smooth roads it feels incredibly refined back here thanks to the double glazing and that comfort driver setting though

it still isn’t as cosseting as a Mercedes s-class what’s more the ride quality on British B roads is much more dependent on your wheel and tire choice 21 inch rims may look good

but the hardly going to make the people buck ears start smiling the Audi a8 is a massively underrated executive saloon not your default choice admittedly

but it’s uber stylish dripping with technical talent and is beautifully well made yes the options are expensive and you will probably need to spec the long wheelbase version if you’re planning on carrying executives but in terms of making a good first impression just knows how to tick the boxes

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