Audi Q3 review 2014

Audi Q3 review 2014 as a company howdy has never been afraid to try new things after all that’s

why the firm has so many different models so when small SUV started to get more and more popular howdy simply had to get in on the action the results is the q3

which combines 4×4 styling with that desirable foreing badge and which goes head-to-head with a light of the BMW x1 Mercedes GLA and the Range Rover Evoque some versions of the q3 are four-wheel drive but some are merely front-wheel drive but all of them have the styling of a 4×4 with chunky bumpers and sills and a jacked up ride height the front end is dominated by this enormous grille and thes

e thin strip headlamps the back end is perhaps a little bit plainer with lines reminiscent of the a1 super mini but the overall look is still

Audi Q3 review 2014

really smart and desirable the version we’ve got here is the s-line model which means it comes with all sorts of sporty styling upgrades including 18-inch alloy wheels xenon headlamps and chrome finishes for the grille and the exhaust pipes not to mention a whole heap of s line badges when you climb inside the q3 there isn’t actually all that much to mark it out as an SUV even the driving position isn’t all that high

but you do get loads and loads of adjustment to help you get comfortable and visibility all around the car is excellent and being an Audi the best thing about the cabin is the sheer quality of

it the materials and the fit and finish are easily a match for anything else in the class and it feels every inches posh as the company’s bigger more expensive models most of the cars functions are controlled through this infotainment system which is really clear and intuitive to use if you’re looking for bags of practicality from your SUV though you might be a little bit disappointed despite its chunky looks the q3 is actually quite a small

car so although boot and rear seat space will probably be adequate for most buyers it actually gives you no more of either than your average family hatchback the driving experience

it’s more like a family hatchback then your typical 4×4 as well this is a very relaxed easygoing car to drive not least because of the smooth feel of the pedals gearshift and the steering

the ride helps keep things civilized as well because the q3 stays really smooth over low speed bumps it’s not quite as settled on the motorway but it’s still comfortable enough and quiet enough to be a very competent long-distance Cruiser and when the road turns a bit twistier you’ll enjoy the q3 smart handling the steering’s nice and responsive the body stays fairly upright in the bends and despite the fact that this car only

has front-wheel drive there’s still loads of grip one small word of warning though this s-line car is available with a lowered sports suspension as a no-cost option and that is not a box

you want to be ticking it makes the ride far less comfortable but it doesn’t make the car much more agile so you’re much better off sticking with the standard setup there’s a wide range of engines on offer and they all deliver

sprightly performance and decent economy the car we’ve got here has the smallest engine available a 1.4 liter turbocharged petrol with 148 brake horsepower and even this one feels pretty perky right throughout

the rev range it’ll also return an official average of just under 50 miles per gallon however most buyers are going to go for one of the diesels and the 138 brake horsepower 2-liter diesel is our favourite is strong it’s smooth

it’s quiet and if you combine it with front-wheel drive and a manual gearbox it’ll give you all miles-per-gallon granted the q3 isn’t the cheapest car of its type to buy but it feels worth the money you pay and it’s affordable to run

it’s nice to look at cracking to drive and has a gorgeous interior if a small SUV with a prestige badge sounds good to you the q3 should definitely be on your shortlist you

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