Audi RS3 2017 review

hello and welcome to a man where we are testing the new 2017 OD rs3 now despite its good looks luxurious interior and great driving dynamics we never quite gelled with the previous generation car

partly that was because of its expensive price tags but as well as that it did go from A to B very quickly but it never had the same dynamics an S or something such as a BMW 1-series thankfully for

2017 OD is focused heavily on the Shafi they’ve done that by fitting adaptive dampers tweaking the electronic stability control and widening the track front and rear so first things first

let’s talk about that engine now it’s lighter than the unit it replaces and it’s also more powerful and they’ve done that by giving it an hour mininum crankcase steal one now that not only does it

offer up 32 brake horsepower but it also means about this last way over the front nose and that’s only going to be better for the steering so in a straight line the old car was always pretty rapid but

for some reason has to focus RN or a Honda Type R it didn’t feel that quick certainly not the amount of money you are paying for it but now it was an

extra 32 brake horsepower it feels properly fast this is gone beyond the realms of a hot hatch and it really is a hyper hatch because of the four-wheel-drive system you’re going to

hooked up properly off the line you can get to 62 miles an hour in just 4.1 seconds and from our testing we’ve always found that Audi’s claims are fairly conservative so we would say you

could probably dip into the three seconds they’ll also go on to 155 mile an hour top speed so if you ask Olli will very kindly raise the limiter to 174 miles an

hour but the big question is is there any more fun than the car it replaces and on that note it absolutely is inside the predominantly black carbon is an

exercise in restraint but there are enough touches to indicate that you’re indeed sitting in an RS model and also like a regular III there is generous room for two adults in the front and the

standard heated electric sport seats with adjustable lumbar support are surprisingly comfortable it also supported from cornering hard

so the 2017 rs3 has a lot going for it namely massive power and incredible 0.8 to be performance if there is one caveat it’s that it’s potentially not a
playful as the BMW 140 I but then again this is a four-wheel-drive hot hatch overall though it’s a very compell

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