Audi RS4 Avant Car Review

the Audi rs4 is the hottest most performance orientated model in the a4 family

it’s designed to go against the bmw m3 and Mercedes c63 AMG though whereas those cars are both rear-wheel drive this car benefits from permanent four-wheel drive

third time round the rs4 is only going to be available in mrs. state body style or what Aldi calls the advance and you’re only going to be able to spec it with the 7-speed dual-clutch S tronic gearbox however under the bonnet you still have a so much performance a 4.2 liter v8 shared with the Audi rs5 and develops 444 brake horsepower

that’s up from the previous RS force 414 brake horsepower and visually all the Rs cues are still here still have these massive air scoops and the front valance these really heavily blistered wheel arches silver capped door mirrors and of course those twin oval tailpipes but these are all cues they’re subtle enough to not really draw any attention but at the same time you can still get the nod of appreciation from those people who really do know the cars

as for the inside it’s typical Audi really beautiful build quality lovely use of materials in this RS version being marked out by the branded decals up front the gear lever the flat-bottom steering wheel and these lush figure-hugging sport seats

and tricky conditions like this where the grip levels are pretty low the rs4 really comes into its own the extra traction that you get from this four-wheel drive setup beer at a standing start or or mid corner is really confidence-inspiring and when you combine that with this electromechanical steering

that weights up the faster you go it always gives you the impression of the car feels incredibly planted at high speed the overall handling balance of the car is also pretty neutral

with probably a slight tendency to go into one this deer that almost makes it a little bit safer and more predictable more controllable that way that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun when you turn off a few of those safety second.

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