Audi TT car review

the Audi TT has established itself as a triumph of modern day car design with its clean Bauhaus inspired geometric lines but while design remains core to its appeal this third-generation TT now aims to bring more technology and driving funds in the package than ever

before you physically the TT may be a compact car but it has one of the most instantly recognizable silhouettes it’s also layered with details and jewelry from these matrix LED front headlamps right through to the aluminium fuel filler cap complete with the false Allen heads dotted around just like the original all dtt in 1999 or versions receive 18-inch alloys as standard

but this S line trim as 19’s plus restyled front and rear bumpers dynamic rear LED indicator light a gloss black radiator grille plus a no-cost option to lower the suspension by a further 10 millimeters which if it was our preference we probably wouldn’t do to maintain ride quality if the exterior is best described as evolutionary than the cabin is revolutionary what you have here is one of the best interiors at any price and I mean that in terms of the materials used the form

the fit and the finish the big story is what Aldi is calling the virtual cockpit which replaces the traditionally mounted central screen here and gives you a 12 inch fully digital binnacle here it still has your speed and revs displayed but you can also toggle through your audio settings your satellite navigation even a music hard drive if you expect it granted it may take some getting used to having the binnacle and all the information down here and not over here but it really feels like

Audi’s onto something the basics are still brilliant – the seats very low sat and snug the steering wheel are just for both rake and reach and despite this whole minimalist setup

there’s actually a lot of practical storage from your glovebox you also got a massive storage bin here complete with USB port and there are two cupholders unfortunately aside from the very impressive virtual cockpit air conditioning and digital da B radio standard equipment on this thing is pretty lean so you’re going to need to fork out some extra money on the Alcantara seats

if you want them parking sensors the music hard drive and even the electronic climate control these pretty funky dials the TT is firmly positioned as a 2+2 which means these rear seats are only ever going to be used for the smallest of children however they do have ISOFIX points

which is good for child car seats and they do fold completely flat which means you’ve got a really decent loading bay for a weekend away there’s a TT for every budget including cost-conscious company car buyers with a diesel-powered 2-liter TDI ultra that develops 183 big horsepower but on the petrol side it isn’t always the case with some cars that the more money you spend

you require more performance or brake horsepower doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a better sports car and that’s very much the case with the Audi TT this is a mid spec 2-liter TFSI petrol it develops 228 brake horsepower and it is without a question our pic of the range

it’s an absolute blinder the body controls really taut the engines really fizzy the gear change is a bit long again throw but it’s still very precise and like to use and the whole package is a real layer of maturity granted it won’t have the dynamic finesse of say a Porsche Cayman but rest assured

you’re going to be in no hesitation in calling this thing a sports car the Audi TT is more interactive and sports car light than it is ever being combine that with the dazzling cabin the everyday usability and strong residual values and it’s easy to see why this is one of Auto traders favorite new cars on sale

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