Audi TT coupe 2006 Model

Audi TT coupe 2006 Model Review

When the early TT originally knowledged in 1999 they quickly established itself as being an uber stylish coupe a with mass-market appeal the ecology takes.

Its name from the Alabama tourist trophy whereby NSU which one of the founding companies that makes up one of those four rooms on the bonnet started competing way back in 1911 trouble is the first TT never really had.

The dynamic swagger too much the moniker or the sharp suit which is why this second-generation TT is less of a hairdressers car or the sports car.

The TT is small stylish and hugely desirable especially when you consider the relatively cheap entry point into ownership plus it now features an aluminium space frame replacing the original car steel unibody and that makes it both lighter and stronger dimensions wise.

It’s shorter than both a Volkswagen Scirocco and Peugeot RCZ so that should make it a little easier to live.

With in town and there’s loads of styling cues going on to make it instantly recognizable as an Aldi you’ve got this oversized trapezoidal grill these daytime running front LED headlamps.  That are standard on SLR models and abroad plus this flat character line but quite uniquely you’ve also got a lot of smooth contours for example the arc in this roof and this rear-end treatment which.

Now features an integrated spoiler to clean up the surfacing the materials ambience and levels of fit and finish inside the Audi TT are excellent this steeply raked windscreen the flat-bottom steering wheel gorgeous aluminium pedals and low set snug seat all give the impression of sporting intent and yet all the switchgear still.

Has that tactile quality we’ve come to expect from Audi the driving position is really comfortable with loads of movement in this chair and a steering wheel that’s adjustable for both rake and reach though.

This glass house does make visibility to the side and to the rear a little bit tricky and if we’re having a Mona side from the big glove box and this pair of cupholders there isn’t really much storage space to speak up.

I already described the TT as a 2+2 rather than a conventional four seater and once you’re inside it’s easy to see why because this rear can barely accommodate a set of child car seats let alone an adult the boot however is a decent size and shape for a small coupe a especially thanks to these fall flat seats but you can only operate it with the key fob or that front button in the door there really is a TT to suit all budgets but the front-wheel drive 2-liter TFSI petrol is definitely out of the range.

It’s a fantastic little unit that develops 208 brake horsepower and accelerate to the TT to 62 miles an hour 6.1 seconds not only does it feel substantially quicker than the hottest Peugeot RCZ it actually feels a lot frisky to drive than the Quatro version of this TT however.

If you fancy a better blend between performance and economy and Audi also offers the TT diesel and it’s a better suggestion than it sounds.

I already has a fantastic heritage of diesel sports cars even its LeMond race cars of diesel so this 2-liter oil burner that we’re in now is impressively refined and pretty rev happy and it still accelerates to 62 in 7.5 seconds and you get fantastic running costs it may not have a sharper reflexes the petrol versions but like all.

TTS the body controls really crisp and the turnin is instant all cars get a six-speed manual gearbox which is very positive to use then you can smoke a semi-automatic S tronic gearbox which is also brilliant high quality on all versions is firm pretty good so bear in mind that if you’re going to go for those big 19-inch alloys as good as they do look they do cook out an awful lot a Tyrol spend some time behind.

The wheel of an Audi TT and you really do see why they are so ubiquitous this is a sports coupe a that ticks all the boxes both dynamically and stylistically and that advocating extends way beyond into our strong owner review ratings granted the sweet spot to the range is lower down the price bracket so you don’t creep into Porsche Cayman territory but if you spec wisely TT’s in a league of its own

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