Audi TT Roadster review 2015

Roadsters are bought by people who want their car to grab attention and if there’s one thing that grabs more attention than a sporty little drop top.

It’s a sporty little drop top with a prestige badge on the nose that’s why buyers have always loved the Audi TT Roadster and the latest version competes with familiar foes such as the BMW z4 and the Mercedes SLK there’s nothing too revolutionary about the way the TT looks indeed from many angles it doesn’t actually look that much different from the car it replaces but this version does have some edgier details and sharper lines to make it look a little bit more aggressive all TT’s.

Have their fair share of visual clout with the entry-level sport model coming with alloy wheels xenon headlamps twin exhausts and a retractable rear spoiler however upgrading to s line trim will make your TT look even tastier with beefier bumpers and side skirts bigger alloys and a gloss black finish for the grille you if anything the inside of the TT is even more dazzling than the outside from the gorgeous materials and the exquisite finishes to the thoughtful interior design like these heater controls built into the air vents everything in here looks and feels properly lush the TT gets most of the more mundane stuff right as well.

The driving position is spot-on there’s a decent view out the back and the TT is also more practical than most of its roads the rivals there’s generous space for two in here and the boot is the same very respectable size no matter whether you’ve got the roof up or down the hood lifts or drops in just 10 seconds and it works of speeds of up to 31 miles an hour so you won’t get caught out by a sudden downpour you might also like this rather nifty scream known as the virtual cockpit which helps take care of most of the cars various functions then again you might not there’s no doubt it looks brilliant and the graphics are crystal clear but the way the menus are arranged really takes some getting used to what will excite you more than anything else.

With the TT Roadster though is driving it this car’s sporty character goes much further than just the way it looks absolutely all the controls are steering the gearshift the pedals reacts super swiftly double your inputs and combine that with the cars strong grip and tall body control and you’ll find that.

This is a car that changes direction with real crispness and immediacy most versions of the TT a front-wheel drive but some are available with four-wheel drive but to be honest we would bother they don’t feel that much grip here and there certainly no more enjoyable to drive what just is impressive.

It’s how well the TT rides even on the lowered suspension in this s-line car things they really smooth and composed although the sport trips standard suspension setup does make things a little bit more cosseting when it comes to your choice of engines we reckon that less is more this car has the entry-level petrol and 2-liter turbo with 227 brake horsepower and even this one is sizzling lis quick and effortlessly flexible the 2-liter diesel is no slouch either and you won’t believe just how economical it makes a sporty little car like.

This yes there are more powerful engines on offer but we don’t really see the point when the more affordable options are so good the TT does everything that a good roadster should do it looks fantastic inside and out it won’t cost the earth to buy or run and it will per massive smile on your face every time you drive it.

It competes with some very strong rivals but pick the right version and there is no better roadster on offer if you enjoyed watching this video then click on the button below to subscribe to our YouTube channel or leave us a comment in the box below to let us know what you think of the Audi TT Roadster if you want to see more reviews like this one click the window on the top right if you’d like to see a review of the Mercedes SLK.

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