Automatic Transmission, How it works ?

Automatic transmissions are the popular option for easy and reliable driving video will using automatic transmission developed by Allison Transmission for this purpose automatic transmissions work based on the planetary gear set in order to understand 

The process let’s take a look at the basic parts of planetary gear sets have to input an automatic transmission the output rotation is drawn from the planet carrier now let’s see what happens to the output speed

When we applied different speeds to the inputs hear the ring gear is stationary and rotation is given exclusive to The Sun Gear this will cause the carrier to spend as you can see here the ring gear is also rotating the ring and Sun gears rotate at the same speed in this case the whole mechanism moves as a single unit the ring gear speed is increased further turning the Sun Gear in the opposite direction 

Will result in a reverse gear so the operation of automatic transmission is all about transmitting different rotational speed into the ring and Son hears the beauty of automatic transmission is that this speed variation can be transmitted simply by engaging few clutch packs in the coming sessions

We will see how this is achieved and Allison in an automatic transmission there is no direct connection between the input and the output shaft rather there is an intermediate shaft between the two in addition to clutch packs are used for transmitting power pressing the clutch place together will lock the hubs to the case this is the simplest form of an automatic transmission with this in mind let’s see

How the first gear works if the first clutch pack is applied the input shaft will connect to the intermediate shaft clutch packs together young to achieve additional gear ratios add another planetary gear set if we apply C4 as well so when C1 and C4 are applied together the reader of the outputs at Wiltern does at the output set the situation is similar to that of the first year except that hear the ring gear will rotate as well this means that the speed of the output Planet carrier will increase 

This is the second year of the transmission 3 year is also fitted with a hollow shaft the shaft could be directly connected to the input shaft with the help of a rotating clutch module take a moment to observe and understand this Arrangement the rest of the process will be how to get set up TiVo for gear we help you know in order to achieve a 6th Gear combination gives a very high rotational speed to the Sun we can achieve a high overdrive ratio at the output 1/3 planetary gear set is required to get the remaining gear ratios sungear 


This chat is always connected to the airport shaft as shown here and here again the output of the set is connected to begin put of the adjacent set as well E1 in order to go in reverse gear clutch C5 as well Gears of the second-set cannot revolve

They will spend as shown here this will eventually lead to the reverse rotation of consequently sunlight manual transmissions a torque converter is needed from the transmission fluid coupling the torque converter

Will help accomplish this a 2d animation will also give you a good idea of the automatic transmission system thank you thanks Google. Been out of the room for Mongolia 

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