Bentley Continental GT Review

GT car is something that I’d be very comfortable driving on a day-to-day basis to and from work but if the call ever came where I needed to get down to the South of France or whatever reason I’d seriously considered getting in the car and driving rather than flying and this car does that it does yeah.

I mean act this car has been designed for around those long-distance continental journeys the clues in the title and a lot of our customers do like to go away for a long weekend just three or four days away perhaps and really enjoy them on long trips style wise you have the traditional Bentley cues of matrix front grille and quad headlamps for the Continental GT as this power line and muscular rear Hadj set under what is quite a delicate silhouette the second generation.

Continental GT offers a bit more dynamic tension and is marked out by bigger alloys re-profiled headlamps a new eyebrow line at the front and double horseshoe line at the rear the trump card as well has got to be that interior it’s exquisite to look at now bulletproof in terms of the quality.

Which you don’t always get with such low volume car makers the wood age is beautifully and so that shows you that there the woods genuine and not something that’s a man-made material there really are no short cuts in size this leather steering wheel for example takes up to 6 hours to hand-stitch the hand selective wood veneers 13 hours to craft not just buying a car here you buying a piece of sculpture and with that in mind.

It’s imperative that you check all the leather hide and these veneers thoroughly for any damages caused by jeans jewelry even heels as any scuffs or tears are going to be really expensive to sort out quilted leather is a must but if you’re going for dream spec then you do really well to find a car with the upgraded name stereo which would have set the original owner back five thousand pounds or carbon ceramic disc brakes another 10,000 pounds you must have seen an awful lot of different varieties of color and trim but if you’re a customer wanting to maintain those residuals what would be the dream spec it sounds boring in the motor industry often does these cars but they’re black.

With black and black wood a triple black car will look fantastic if it’s a bigger car like a more Zen then you might go for a dark exterior and a light interior while this magenta Continental GT may show off Bentley’s near limitless customization options keep the colorways classical if you want to maintain strong residuals the second generation Continental GT saw the introduction of the v8 yeah and obviously.

You know whether you go for a 6-litre w12 or a twin turbocharged four litre v8 they’re not gonna be great on fuel but which one would you go for well I think the clever thing with the v8 is that it’s 40% more efficient on the fuel it’s 40% better on emissions and actually it’s nearly as fast so for me personally and I like the sound of a v8 I think they sound fantastic so my customers now are changing from w12 to the eighth and some will you know carry on with the w12 the four-wheel drivetrain offers immense traction.

Which is especially important in UK conditions and characterized both the v8 and the w12 are quite similar in the sense that they absolutely pommel a road into submission how long do those tyres last the tire weighs quite good and my Bentley because their four-wheel drive and a lot of cars look at this end of two wheel drive obviously so that you do chew out the back tires but you find quite even tire wear and we’re talking around 350 pounds per tire which is not unreasonable and you’re probably going to get some people will be getting eight to ten thousand miles out of a six so it’s actually not too bad regards to refurbishing.

Wheels that you can’t refurbish every wheel what you can do if the edge is this a little bit nibbled off you can you can get those repaired and that would be sort of a hundred and fifty pounds but if the wheel there’s a 2-piece wheel with the bolts around the outside if you have to remove those two pieces to refurbish them properly then you spoil the integrity of the wheel and you should change it what are the niggles if there are any they get checked out with the Bentley approved dealer as a dealer.

We’re very thorough with our checks one of Jack Barclays mentors really from many many years ago was that we would always display used cars next to new cars so you can compare the two and actually you’d struggle to see what a used car look like compared to a new one when you’re spending so much money on a car like a Continental GT I guess it’s imperative to keep the car within the dealer network and you know with an approved better I mean what do you guys offer over just a non-official that our dealer.

It’s really down to knowledge and using original parts we have the Bentley approved check that all Bentley’s go go through and then we will serve our own chicks I mean especially in cars and London things like leaves can get blocked and drains and so there’s extra things that we do and actually the price of a service now you know you’re talking around sort of 707 from 700 pounds.

We do special offers on cars that are over four years so in fact we’re getting more and more older cars coming back into the Bentley Network because the folks prior servicing if has been through the Bentley approve process you’re going to get a very good sound Carter to enjoy for many years you

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