BMW 1 Series hatchback review

The 1-series hatchback these BMWs take on the highly competitive small family sector that encompasses everything from the Ford Focus to the Audi a3 the first-generation version was great to drive pretty much.

Like most BMWs but it was let down by a cramped rear cabin tiny boot and a face that only a mother could love this second-generation version attempts to address all those issues as well as maintain those brilliant driving dynamics by remaining.

The only small family hatchback on sale that’s rear-wheel drive that should keep the BMW pura stuffy the profile of the one series is largely the same as the car it replaces.

There is now 85 millimeters longer with a wheelbase that’s grown by 30 millimeters mostly to help out in the rear legroom Department there’s a lot more height in this bonnet due to the latest crash-test regulations but the designers.

Have worked hard to disguise this with these multiple creases the surface language looks a lot better second time round – plus the traditional BMW design traits like that front kidney grille and the Hofmeister cute window line or remain present and correct but put simply it isn’t exactly.

What you’d call a look inside the 1-series offers a quality and attention to detail that is unrivaled in this sector there’s a lot of layering of materials that helps create a 3d effect and it feels very sophisticated.

I also love how there’s a visual consistency between outside the car and inside so the character line that runs down the side of the car for example is also mirrored here in these door cards but it isn’t without practicality I’ve got some really decent door bins here this huge central storage cubby as well as two cupholders that even.

When you use them they don’t actually get in the way of any of the other controls standard equipment includes six airbags air conditioning and keyless go plus all but the basic one series models adopt this iDrive infotainment system that is so intuitive to use.

The driving position is nice and low plus the steering is adjustable for both rake and reach but your rear visibility is a bit rubbish Plus these seats although supportive they are a bit narrow so if you’re packing a bit of back fat.

They will pinch rear legroom is better than before but it’s still only acceptable for two adults because this transmission tunnel voids the central seat of any proper legroom boots however is now 30 litres bigger and that makes it pretty competitive on the roads the 1-series really does take some beating BMW is obsessed.

With 50/50 weight distribution so this car gets a lightweight aluminium front axle and the car’s battery has been relocated into the boot the result of that is crisper turning lovely balance through the corners and under braking as well as fine body control.

The ride is always a little bit firm it’s never crashing you can even spec dynamic drive control which allows.

You to alter the way to the steering and the throttle response through these buttons here depending on how sporty you’re feeling the 1-series has a fantastic range of engines including this entry-level 1 1 6i petrol it uses a twin-scroll turbocharger so it’s a lot faster than.

You think and the power delivery is both instant and linear you really will be made up if this was your daily driver but if you can stretch the 120 d with the 8-speed automatic gearbox there’s also a brilliant Drive.

The BMW 1-series is such a mixed bag it’s great to drive offers a fantastic range of engines and has a beautifully crafted cabin and yet the rear passenger space is poor.

It’s pricey and isn’t anywhere near as pretty as a Volkswagen Golf if you value driving dynamics in a Premium Package then this is definitely your ticket but if you fancy more of an all-rounder and you’re probably better looking elsewhere

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