BMW 3 Series GT hatchback review

BMW 3 Series GT hatchback review Britain loves the BMW 3-series in fact one in every three cars that BMW sells in the UK is a three and that shows not only how much of an executive staple this cars become but also how conspicuous

they are – and that goes some way to explain the arrival of the three Series Gran Turismo or GT it’s aimed at the pricier end of the 3-series photo so it should be a little bit more exclusive but it’s also going for those customers

who value an emphasis on space and comfort while the 3 Series GT is closely related to the saloon and touring it’s actually a physically bigger machine

it uses a different longer wheelbase chassis that was originally developed for the Chinese market so overall its 200 millimetres longer 17 millimeters wider an 80 millimetres taller than a 3-series touring the strong family ties of dominant kidney grille and connecting headlamps are still

present and correct though these front lights have been slightly re-profiled and when you go around the side you’ll notice more distinguishable features like an air vent that improves air flow as well as a single piece hatchback tailgate complete

with retractable spoiler it isn’t exactly what you call a looker this extended roofline for example is so tall and crest so far back but from the outside it makes almost any driver look unfeasibly small

bmw 3 series gt hatchback review history

having said that there are plenty of styling options to pique your interest so this sports trim version for example receives gloss black inserts in the grille the exhausts and these window frames inside the cabin will be instantly recognizable to any 3-series driver with great materials practicality and build quality though there is a bit more emphasis here on luxury thanks to the frameless doors and how these map coral inserts now extend from

the very 3d layer dashboard into the door cards both the front and rear seats have been raised to what BMW calls a semi commanding driving position and while the view out front is good the view around the back isn’t great so you’ll be relying on those parking sensors a lot other standard equipment includes climate control Bluetooth USB connectivity and digital da B radio as well as this wide iDrive screen complete

with rotating dial for all your entertainment needs it’s only in the rear where you really start to feel the difference of the 3 GT the extended wheelbase has transformed the amount of space on offer back here from economy to business class not only does the raised ride type make it much easier to get in and out of the seats are adjustable and there’s enough legroom here to rival a BMW 5-series I also love the detail

BMW 3 Series GT hatchback review

that’s gone into continuing those padded leather inserts from the door cards and into the seat edges and also how this optional glass roof totally lifts the cabins ambience like the 3-series touring all versions of the three GT receive an automatic tailgate but what’s more impressive is the fact that this boot offers 25 litres more space than the touring with the seats up and a hundred litres more space

with the seats down a secret underfloor compartment takes care of the parcel shelf too because like many BMW models these days they forego a spare wheel in exchange for run-flat tires on the road it’s very clear that the three GT has been set up more for high speed stability refinement and comfort rather than any out-and-out driving dynamics and that may appeal to those existing 3-series customers you find

the ride quality a little bit too firm the trade off you do get however you don’t receive the same deft accuracy or handling balance of the 3-series touring or saloon though

they are the category benchmarked in their field there’s a leaner selection of engines available to with the 320d proving the most popular though this 3-1 8 d that will probably interest company car buyers as with this typically nopsi 6-speed manual gearbox it emits 119 g/km of co2 and will accelerate from nought to 62 miles an hour in nine point seven seconds the high price and the unconventional styling may make the 3 Series GT a slightly niche option

but it’s also a worthy addition the 3 series folio for most people this car will simply serve attention to just how brilliant the standard 3 Series Saloon is but for other more regular 3-series customers this may be the slightly different flavor they’ve been looking for

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