BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe review 2014

The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe a aims to combine the styling and dynamic finesse of the 4 Series Coupe a with the practicality of the 3-series a model range that already dominates.

The executive car park it’s a style LED 4-door format that’s already been very successful for the Audi a5 Sportback and now BMW is hoping to replicate that success you despite BMWs ever-expanding nomenclature to our eyes the grand coupe a looks more 3 Series Saloon than it does 4 Series Coupe a regardless there’s no denying that.

This is as very pretty thing BMW fans will note the front end adopts the coupe ace wider stance more pronounced bodywork and detailing such as the elongated kidney grille and these air breathers in the front arches but it’s inside profile.

Where you’ll really spot the differences such as an extra pair of frameless doors a longer lower roofline and a hatchback instead of a boot lid if you’re stepping out of a 3 Series Saloon you’ll immediately notice the lower seating position of the Gran Coupe a which does take a bit more effort climbing in and out of but once you are in here the cabin is textbook 3 series 4 series constructed with beautiful materials and an ergonomic simplicity that we’ve come to know from BMW this infotainment system being controlled by the excellent.

I Drive dial storage is good with two cupholders concealed up front you’ve got a glovebox that doubles as a phone charging point and a decent glovebox and because the gran coupe a is pitched as a more exclusive executive car it means the level of standard equipment is top spec – including full leather trim climate control front and rear parking sensors and an automatic tailgate.

Which reveals a boot that’s on part of the 3 Series Saloon having five seats ISOFIX points and the extra pair of rear doors does improve practicality but it isn’t quite the full-on family car or executive car not only are these rear doors quite small the aperture is also quite narrow so it’s really difficult for larger passengers to get in and for parents to install child car seats then.

When you’re actually in the chairs shoulder room is tight and Headroom for six footers even tighter there’s something about the balance between rides and handling between comfort and control that BMW has a knack of just doing better than anybody else in the compact executive class this for serious grunt Kupe is a really lovely thing to drive.

It’s fast and fun and the corners yet still quiet and comfortable enough on motorways it just does everything with a real nice fluency to it in terms of engines you’ve got the full complement of petrol and diesel plus the option of BMWs X Drive four-wheel drive system this is the 428 a petrol that sucked up to the brilliant for optional 8-speed super smooth automatic gearbox but if you’re a company car driver.

Then we’d recommend going for the four one eight diesels the grand coupe a may be yet another confusing micronesia from BMW for customers to consider but it is still worth considering if you value style over practicality but still want easier access to those rear seats this Gran Coupe a will fit your life better than both the 3 Series Saloon or the 4 Series Coupe a

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