BMW 5 Series saloon car review

Middle-management would be nothing without the BMW 5-series.

It like its little brother the 3-series is a very visible wrong on the otherwise invisible management ladder to be consider success it needs to be through things needs to be good looking keenly priced enough to let your mum know you’re doing okay and it needs to be good fun to drive on the way home front of the conference compared to its forebears.

This generation of five series is little safe it’s not covered in big bold lines and it doesn’t really stand out on the design state look at it it doesn’t really scream excitement.

Does it but BMWs traditional kidney grille is all present and correct and looks rather fine its rump is rather pleasing too but like the front it won’t really stand out it is though a nice take on BMWs design language what will stand out though is the five size.

It huge doesn’t even fit into some parking spaces how much room does one person need I mean there’s loads of space in here that’s not really surprised given how massive the exterior is the centre console is neatly pointed towards the driver giving easy access to controls like the I Drive the stereo and the aircon the design of the whole thing.

Has been very well thought out and while rivals like the Audi a6 and the Mercedes e-class look very good and it very well put together the 5 Series design is just that little bit more timeless boot face is important in a car like a 5 Series the saloon offers loads.

But its rival the Mercedes e-class offers more also folding seating option in here you’re more space go for the Turing you can’t have a BMW 5-series that’s dull to drive thankfully that isn’t the case with.

This car the in double use mantra of rear-wheel drivers backed really shines through here is keen to grip feel great in the corners and rewards made me drivers the 5:20 Edie is the Rangers Golden Boy as it were it offers decent performance an amazing economy for such a big car it really is in the car you live in need is no surprise people buy five of the fine there are a few suspension settings on offer normal keeps things nice and well normal sport liven things up a little bit.

With a sporty ER set up you know heavier steering in the light and Sport Plus well that’s not to be played with in the wet or ice or snow you can really go wrong with the BMW 5-series.

I mean yes this one is a little bit large but it offers space pace and excitement when you want it it’s also pretty good on fuel which means the 520d at least would make an excellent purchase let’s not forget their incredible ability to hold on to their value post sale perfect package maybe

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