BMW 5 Series Touring 2017 review

the sudden generation of the BMW 5-series is our current car of the year

unlike the for those of the way before it there’s now an estate touring model

available based on the saloons you get the same engines at the front luxurious

interior in the middle of course being an estate to get a larger animal

practical boots at the back the saloon has proved that it’s best-in-class

can the touring do the same appealing to different buyers in a different class

and with different opposition now when it comes the way the BMW 5-series

talking drives yes it certainly will the diesels will be the biggest sellers and

it’s forcing the 520 these long driving here will be the biggest overall and

just like in the saloon it’s decently quick it’s got some of the best

refinement in the class actually and it’s also got some very attractive

economy figures but then if you want the most luxurious experience you’re best

off going to the three litre six cylinder diesel just that bit smooth out

and offers even more performance comfort wise again if every bit as good as a

saloon although our German tester here today’s been quite smooth what potholes

we have encountered smoothed out really nicely and then when it comes to

handling cars like the Mercedes e-class estate actually made your own comfort

but the flight attack managed to become tool and really agile to compare with

things like the Mercedes like the Audi a6 event it just feels far more agile

got more by to the front wheels and tight being put quite a big car on the

road actually keeps his body well in check through tight bends the five

series touring also does well as an estate handily its rear window open

separately for placing smaller items inside a power tailgate is standard and

so is an electronically adjustin tonneau cover lashing hooks nets and

storage cubbies are available too and the touring is just as luxurious and

spacious as the saloon for adults will sit in complete comfort

the driver is treated to a brilliant driving position and BMWs latest I drive

one of the best entertainment systems on sale is standard so yes the VMO fighter restoring is

every bit as good to drive and luxurious as the saloon but what about being mistaked well the Mercedes e-class

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