BMW X4 car review 2014

BMW are experts at creating new niches in the car market and the x4 is a fine example of their art the company gives it the rather grandiose title of a sports activity coupe a but what that means is that just as the x6 is a more sporty version of the x5 so the x4 is a sportier sleeker version of the x3 you no where is the split personality of the ex for more obvious than in the unashamedly bold and aggressive way it looks in the same car you get the raise ride height that’s typical of an SUV along with the sleek profile of a coupe a although it’s based on the X 3 the X 4 is actually a little lower and a little longer and that immediately gives it a sportiest stance and in case you don’t notice that the impression is further reinforced by these huge air intakes on either side of the bumper the sharp molded lines on the apron and these spotlights set though these standards n on headlights where the x4 differs from other BMWs

is that this trademark shoulder line is split into two the first part runs from behind the front wheels up and through to the rear door handles while the second part accentuates the curve of the rear wheel arch the sporty impression is completed by

the way this roofline drops dramatically from above the driver’s head to end in this muscular rear-end it’s not for us to tell you this card good looking or not if ever you wanted proof that beauty is in the eye of the beholder here it is step inside and it’s all very much standard BMW

which is no bad thing unless of course you’re expecting something much more in keeping with the bold exterior design still everything is beautifully built from high-quality materials it’s all well laid out and most of the major functions are controlled by the excellent I drive system using

this rotary controller and the screen on top of the dashboard given the comparatively low roofline there’s actually a surprising amount of room in the front with excellent head and legroom enough adjustment for pretty much anyone to get comfortable behind the wheel in part at least that’s thanks to the fact that you sit a little lower in the X 4 then the x3 again reinforcing the notion that you’re behind the wheel of something really quite sporty in the back – you sit a little lower than an x3 that does mean that the floor is relatively high so your knees are forced a little higher

you might like to be completely comfortable but does me as a surprising amount of headroom back here you need to be well over six foot tall before your head was touching the roof the boot – is a pretty decent shape and the standard equipment includes electrically operated tailgate however there’s no getting away from the fact that the x4 is less practical than both the x3 and many of its rivals and it’s here in the boot

that you really notice the effect of that coupe a light profile because it severely restricts how high you can pile the luggage in the boot given the x-force role in life is to provide a sporty Drive perhaps the biggest surprise is that it comes only with diesel engines mind you even the least part of those three has the best part 200 brake horsepower so there are no complaints about the performance on offer especially when they responds so keenly at low revs because they’re so strong in fact the x4 is much more agile and you’d expect of a car

that sits this high off the ground it’s also much helped by having BMWs permanent four-wheel drive system which juggles the drive between each of the four wheels to make sure that when you put your foot down coming out of a corner all that prodigious power gets down to the road okay so you never quite forget how large a car and how heavy a car

this is but in this class only very the Porsche Macan handle any more sharply than this car so that’s still praise indeed and the beauty of it is that when you’re not really going for it you can just pop the car back into comfort mode it’s surprisingly easy to drive the strength of those engines works really well with the automatic transmissions the steering is indeed too much effort at low speeds and you get a great view forwards and to the sides in fact pretty much the only bugbear

with this car is the views of the rear window and over your shoulder is severely limited by the coupe a roofline the x4 is an unashamedly niche product and by definition that means it won’t have mass-market appeal still in a sense that’s the whole point of a car like this you may well be interested if you’re after a sporty er and more stylish alternative to a conventional SUV but rivals such as the Porsche Macan and Range Rover Evoque may prove even more interesting

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Jarod Lovin

Jarod Lovin

How did you apply your final white wash once the boards were up? What did you use, brush, rag, etc?