Chevrolet Cruze hatchback review 2014

Chevrolet is the American of American car brands like apple pie or turkey on Thanksgiving Day but here in the UK.

They were never really understood people think of them as being big and brash but they couldn’t be more wrong by far the vast majority of Chevy sold here in Europe i manufactured in south korea not the USA and are now being designed and engineered to suit more european tastes take.

The chevrolet cruze it was originally produced only as a four-door saloon but chevrolet has since introduced this five-door hatchback as that’s what most european buyers want it’s a smart if unspectacular looking car with more than a hint of Vauxhall in its exterior appearance except at the front.

Where a big grill is dissected by a bar featuring the Chevy bowtie motif the dash and cabin plastics are actually more upmarket than the price tag might suggest this center console arches in between.

The front seats and much of the dials and knobs have been shared with the more expensive Vauxhall Astra the quality of the fixtures and fittings shows a distinct improvement on Chevrolet’s of old even though it went to anyone at BOTS Morgana sleepless nights passenger space is fairly typical of what you get in most compact front-wheel drive.

Hatchbacks there’s good real legroom for two passengers but the tunnel running down the center.

Limits foot space for a third and in an effort to give the car a racy more coupe a like profile chevy has compromised on the rear headroom but the boot is an excellent size and can be extended by folding down.

The split rear seats that makes it bigger than the Kia Cee’d by under 30 and master three there are three engines to choose from and to prove that Chevy really does understand European preferences one of them is a diesel it’s a 163 horsepower 2 litre unit though so the diesel Cruze is not the most economical car in its class and it makes.

What is supposed to be a budget cognitively expensive it is the best of the bunch however the other options are petrol engines.

Have 1.6 or 1.8 liters which both make the car feel a bit flat unless they’re revved hard as an automatic gearbox available in all three but just to prove that Chevrolet.

Hasn’t entirely forgotten its American roots the ride and handling are distinctly on the mushy side the steering is light and direct with hardly any feel and the suspension can get caught out on bumpy roads perhaps the best reason for buying a Chevy though is the after sales package.

There’s a five year or 100,000 mile warranty without too much small print to worry about and buyers have the option of taking out a three year or 30,000 mile servicing package at a reasonable price against.

This however there’s the fact the second-hand values are fairly weak the Cruze is a much more attractive proposition than Chevy family hatchbacks of old largely because now it has the European consumer in mind.

It may not be the most comfortable or have the best engines but the low price excellent cabin space an impressive five year warranty might be enough to tender some away from their more well-known rivals

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