Chrysler Grand Voyager 2014 Model

Chrysler Grand Voyager 2014 Model

When it comes to super sizing cars the Americans are in a league of their own now that’s fine if you’re in the good old US of A but in the UK they can struggle with our often twisty and narrow road network however.

There is one car that’s translated pretty well on this side of the pond offering bags of practicality loads of standard equipment and you don’t have to be an oil tycoon to run it either the Chrysler Grand Voyager is consistently one of the UK’s top selling people carriers and a quick look inside reveals.

Why requires the Grand Voyager is shaped like a bus and almost as a DEP that carrying people – it’s anonymous and understated but for many as part of the appeal it may not win any beauty pageants.

But where it really does score is in its practicality it is absolutely cavernous in here the driver basically gets an arm chair to sit in complete with armrests and the raised driving position gives.

Chrysler Grand Voyager 2014

You a commanding view of the road to head the finish and the plastics are way behind some of the class rivals in fact some areas feel pretty shonky that said the touchscreen sat-nav.

That’s available on top spec versions works well as do these LED reading lights and the interior rear view mirror that’s good for keeping an eye on the kids electric sliding rear doors make getting in and out of tight parking spaces and absolute doddle plus there’s loads of room here to install a child car seat as well as tons of storage in the ceiling as well as the doors but the biggest party piece is quite as very clever stow and go storage seating system.

Which allows you to fold all the chairs completely flat into the loading bay and you can even fold the rear bench down at the touch of a button which is perfect for parents with a million and one other things to be doing when the seats are in use the boot is actually still a pretty decent size but when all the seats are folded flat then it makes a pretty good impression of a van even by people carrier standards.

The Grand Voyager is not a pleasant car to drive the ride quality in a straight line feels good absorbing potholes but as soon as you approach a corner the steering feels heavy and you immediately feel its sheer size and weight there’s just so much better disguise than something like a Ford Galaxie choosing an engine is easy because there is only one a 161 brake horsepower 2.8 liter diesel that isn’t great fills underpowered.

When fully laden and is slow witted when coupled to this 6-speed automatic gearbox it just seems to have a bit of a mind of its own constantly kicking down gears to keep you in that power band but that obviously affects refinement and running costs be warned those claimed fuel consumption figures are ambitious as is the north of 62 mile an hour claim of twelve point eight seconds.

There is a manual override function but it’s redundant in a car like this plus the gearbox is so poorly located but unless you’ve got monkey arms you’ll find it a real pain to you the Chrysler Grand Voyager may offer masses of space but it feels like an old car in almost every aspect there was a time.

When it would have made a lot of sense but it’s now a long way behind a whole host of rivals including the Seattle Umbra and the Ford Galaxie that are just as practical but offer better build quality improved driving dynamics and a much cheaper to own

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