Cupra Ateca review 2019

chance to drive the new Cooper a tech er now we’re one of only a handful of

people in the world on this event and in this video we’re gonna tell you five key

things about the car as always this isn’t intended to be an in-depth review

so if you want that you’ll need to head over to our website what car comm I

remember we don’t just review cars at what cart we can also help you buy it

and potentially save you quite a lot of money in the process just click the link up there in the top right for more details now you might have noticed I said Cooper at Eckert

rather than say a tech a Cooper and that wasn’t a slip of the tongue nope this

car marks the start of sets attempt to create a new Cooper sub brand in much

the same way that fiat has done with a bath next year there’ll be a cooper lay

on and after that very probably a cooper Abita plus a bespoke model that

initially at least there won’t be a regular set version of it at all

Cooper’s won’t have any say at badging on them and will instead wear this

unique bronze emblem now this isn’t just a jumped up attacker with a bit more

power and a sporty body kit it’s actually quite a serious bit of kit the

engine the for drive system and the gearbox are very similar to what you’ll

find in a VW Golf R and although the Cooper isn’t quite as quick as that car

it is heavier after all it can still hit 62 miles an hour in just five point four

seconds the 296 brake horsepower 2-liter turbocharged engine could do with

sounding a little bit more enthusiastic but it is capable of propelling the

Cooper to 152 miles an hour which is actually slightly faster than an

entry-level Porsche Macan so the Cooper attacker will give a Honda Civic Type R

a run for its money in a straight line then but does it go around corners as

well in short no it doesn’t and if you have even a basic grasp of physics that

probably won’t come as a huge surprise we’ve driven the Cooper attacker on the road

and on a race track and although it’s remarkably agile for something this tool

its cornering skills don’t impress like a well sorted hot hatch there’s more of

a delay between you turning the steering wheel and the car starting to change

direction and when that does happen there’s more body lean as well but that

doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and compared to other SUVs even the regular

attacker which is one best handling cars in its class this

Cooper handles really quite well there are already loads of performance SUVs to choose from

you’ve got the Porsche Macan we’ve already mentioned the Range Rover Sport

SVR the Audi sq5 and the Mercedes GL C 63 AMG to name but a few but well

they’re all really expensive in fact there aren’t any other properly quick

SUVs that you can buy for less than

forty thousand pounds that said the asking price probably

won’t be that much less than 40 k UK prices haven’t been announced yet but in

Spain at the new Cooper will cost around 41 thousand euros finally if you’re

interested in the Cooper attica you’ll

be able to buy one


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