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The great wall speed isn’t just another new model it’s the first Chinese car uncertain Auk and before you start this just bear in mind.

They’re brand new from the dealership it costs around the same amount of money as a used three year old pickup truck from a better known manufacturer let’s be honest we think the steam looks pretty much like any other pickup truck but that’s not a criticism we think its customers.

Will just want it to get on with the job of being useful and in fact it also looks quite smart is an added bonus there are some neat features including the very high stat headlamps the chrome door mirrors surrounds and the large wheel arches which all adults so it’s tough appearance.

But if looks are your top priority you’ll still want to consider their thoughts like an Amer act which is very classy but also much more expensive the speed is what’s known in the trade as a double cab so it can carry more than just one man and his dogs the loading bay is 1.3 meters long and 1.4 meters wide and can carry up to one metric ton of cargo it can tow up to 750 kilograms of unbreak trailer or 2 tons of brake trailer it’s a well proven design to whilst Great Wall is little known here in the UK in China it’s built the best-selling pickup truck every year since 1998 and it sells around a hundred thousand steeds each year inside the steed isn’t too bad with lots of tough plastics which are clearly being designed with a tough life in mind.

But what really impresses most is the specification list even this entry-level s version gets air conditioning leather heated front seats an alpine stereo with steering wheel mounted controls and Bluetooth fitted as standard choose the SE version for a couple of grand more and you also get a body coloured rear canopy sidebars roof rails and rear parking sensors equipment levels which be every other pickup in the class in the back there’s not too much rear legroom or head room and these seat backs are very upright.

But it is a problem across the pickup class as they often tend to be seen as occasional use seats Great Wall markets the steed as the cheapest double cab in the UK with four-wheel drive and you can choose between rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive at a professor a button but only at speeds below 12 miles per hour power is from a 2-liter turbo diesel engine.

With a 141 bhp it’s good for 34 mpg helped in part by the six-speed gearbox which is also quite smooth what’s not so good as the steering which is very vague like a lot of off-roaders and pickup trucks but luckily visibility all around.

The car is good so it’s easier to place the speed on the road than you might think overall poor refinement and a very bouncy ride leave you in no doubt this is primarily a working vehicle so if this is going to be your only set of wheels you might want to bear those two things in mind the old adage says buy cheap buy twice.

But we’re not sure it applies the steed for star it comes with a sixty thousand mile warranty three years break down cover and I’ll even collect it and drop it off back to you when it needs servicing they built three-quarters of a million of these things and export them to 120 countries it’s not as sophisticated as its rivals with the thought of a brand-new pickup truck the cost of a used one appeals to you then it’s certainly worth the test-drive

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