Fiat 500C convertible review 2014 Model

Fiat 500C convertible review 2014 Model taking a leaf from the Ford Mustang and mini-book of designing cars for the 21st century Fiat retro offering.

Will be familiar to any patriotic Italian or child that’s seen Disney’s cars the Fiat 500c is a small cute incentive to the MINI Convertible unlike the MINI Convertible the Fiat 500c looks like a normal car with the roof up or down that’s because you don’t lower the whole roof merely slide.

It back like a giant sunroof admittedly it can look a little awkward with the roof down but nowhere near as odd as the MINI Convertible which isn’t too dissimilar to a pram it also in aversive Li creates quite large blind spots whether you like it or not the Fiat 500c is a good-looking car especially.

These alloys Fitz put a lot of time and effort into making good-looking if difficult to clean rims the 500s interior is pretty nice too it’s almost as retro as the exterior look at this center console it’s as though.

It was laid out over 50 years ago not in a bad way but in a way that’s just right for the car the speed on rev-counter setup is pretty cool you see the rev counter chases the speedo.

When you’re accelerating it’s pretty sweet there’s about as much space as you can expect from small hatch loads up front than not so much in the back you’re gonna put an adult back here on a long journey you might need to take regular breaks there’s also slightly less root space in a 500 C than there is in a regular hatch roof up you’re laughing.

Because it handles and feels just like the hatch and that’s a brilliant little car however take the roof down and you do lose and lots of rear visibility also about 40 miles an hour the wind bouncing around the cabin is pretty terrible thankfully because the 500 seat isn’t a proper convertible and more a giant sunroof Targa job.

It doesn’t suffer from chassis flex like its rivals the steering is a little light which may irritate some but it’s ideal in the city there are a number of engines available mostly small petrels and diesels though.

The two cylinder Twinner version does make for an interesting if economical choice there’s also a pair of a bath hot hatch versions for the speed freaks though be warns the chintz that comes with them will make you stand out and not necessarily in a good way you’re looking for ruthless mode shrink.

With a dash of cute aesthetics and a dollop of Italian flair the Fiat 500c might just be the car for you but you’ll have to make sure you can live with the rear visibility rear passenger space and wind ruffles issues

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