Fiat Panda hatchback review

The Fiat Panda was originally conceived as a cheap basic boxy no-frills utility vehicle kind of like italy’s modern-day answer to the 2cv thing is having five doors in a car with a tiny footprint and boxy upright proportions also inadvertently made it’s a rather brilliant city car that’s why these days the Panda has been adopted by a whole loads of people performing a whole range of different jobs and it remains one of the few city cars available in four-wheel drive as well as two-wheel drive.

the Fiat Panda is a little car with a lot of space visually it takes its styling cues for mini MPV z– there has a lot of chunky robustness helped out from these blistered wheel arches plus the daytime running headlamps and these blacked out B and C pillars that give the impression of a floating roofline all helped make it look a lot more stand out in the car park the hard utilitarian lines have been rounded off too in order to broaden appeal to a more style conscious audience but it ended up looking like a bit of a homage to the skwerkel.

With these squared circular graphics influencing everything from the front fog lamps to the rear window to even the center cap the dimensions may give the Panda of practical purity you’re not exactly short of character or quality in here inside also adopts the skwerkel theme to form the door pulls the gauges the instruments around even these high set tweeters for your stereo for a small cheap car the finish and attention to detail is brilliant to check out the plastic grain that.

They’ve used for these door cards in the dashboards and yeah it’s still practical.

You have this massive storage bin in the dash here which is a bit of a nod to the original panda we’ve got a decent glovebox multiple size cup holders as well as some extra space in the center console born out of a redesigned handbrake the standard equipment includes EBD four airbags alloy wheels and smart fuel which prevents any embarrassing episodes of the pump whereby you’d fill the car up with the wrong juice but all versions can respect with air conditioning and Bluetooth connectivity the tour profile makes rear passenger.

Headroom great though the short wheelbase means there’s not an awful lot of legroom back here mastered the boot space is pretty good especially with this fold down seat and you can even speck a sliding bench to mix it up between whether you’re carrying more passengers or cargo.

Providing you don’t go too crazy on the spec the pan does a really good value little car this base level 1.2 litre 8-valve petrol isn’t particularly quick it’s got a 68 brake horsepower and does 62 miles an hour in fourteen point two seconds but it’s cheap to insure and very cheap to run it’s also pretty entertaining to drive in a fluids thrush it to death can away as I am demonstrating but your driving position is good visibility is excellent and the ride quality is supple without feeling floaty that’s very confidence inspiring for a driver yes.

This car feels much more home in town but it’s not to say you can’t take it on the motorways we’ve just got to be mindful of those upright proportions because one you get a lot of wind Russell created from these 8 pillars and – you do feel like you get blown up out of it.

The Fiat Panda has developed a loyal audience over the years and this is a really intelligent update offering more charm and higher quality without sacrificing any of that renowned practicality there may be more five-door city cars to choose from than ever before but the Panda shows that Fiat still knows more than a thing or two about making characterful little runabout

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