Fixing Loose Steering, Rag Joint Replacement

When I drive dad’s truck down the road I noticed that I can go straight but the steering wheel sort of you know I can move it back and forth is still really loose I replace the inner and outer tie rod suspension up run has been renewed yet

I still have this loose steering so there’s only one thing left in this chain and which is the connection between him and the power steering box don’t replace that today and hope that it’s so if you have a gmt400 or an OBS truck that has loose steering this video may be of use to you I’m not going to let the truck up at all and I don’t believe you need to replace this part plastic cover over top of the regiment.

which will be down underneath here in order to get to it I’m going to have to remove this part of the steering column there is a Fastener a bit so I’ll be able to push this in and move this plastic cover up and out of the way so that

 I can release it from the power steering box down here to start with this is a 15 that one thing I’ve done and I probably shouldn’t mention this now one thing I’ve done before I’ve gotten to this point is I made sure the steering wheel was straight 

When I called it in so that when I put all this back together and the hope is the steering wheel is still straight but make sure your steering wheel straight before you get started on this can you pull 

This through but keep my parts together I’m going to do that so these aside how easy this next part is going to be well that’s that’s debatable but the idea is to pull to call him back in this direction put it down and get it off of the I’ve had my depart fairly recently so hopefully this won’t be too terrible

But you can or something like that I’d be careful of using hammer you don’t want to damage it no steering do not drive it just plastic cover so I hope the roundest top power steering line here dysplastic and pulled up and move it back you see my rag joint is basically totally wasted get a better look at it when it’s out but I can already see what the problem is all the way up until next step the guys and 11 mm 

I thought it might be I probably don’t have to think about all the way out but I’m going to well actually I might there might be a slot in the top steering box come to think of it I’ll show you what I mean by that moment on it this what I’m referring to so when does both is in here it’s sort of fits in this area and locked in the play so it’ll never come up with this bolt in there so make sure you take the bolt out and I will listen to description for you I just pulled us out to extend it now this one is I believe you have to rip it on for now but you can sort of see that there’s like redheads here so they need this is 

Where I’m going to bolt the Newport onto so I will need to grind these rivets off and get these out actually probably going to be easier to do it on this side but I mean even here I see a lot and 

What why do they do this joint well when you go over bumps and things the entire suspension is jiggling and moving around and they’re trying to avoid transmitting.

That up to the steering wheel for you so this is considered something of a shock absorber if well so that add you to go over bumps in things not all of that is transferred up to the steering wheel so that’s.

Why this is here but you can clearly see that over time and get a little worn it basically just like my safety glasses on when you use my cut off wheel cut the top and then use my air chisel to take it the rest of the way.

But whatever you do those needs come out it seems like.

 I have no air pressure today like none seriously we can check the air pressure situation I’ll be right back. Maybe it’s called

I don’t know were you just being that guy aren’t you how you get them out well do not damage the steering shaft

When you do that’s I think Vice I will talk to you now finally coming here to cut it off it’s not like I can lose their outside these off flush and then try to drive them through finally I got a peace out that obviously I need to fasten this to call him I want to make sure that I get those done relatively the same as it was when it was on the truck so if memory serves this column was up in the truck  like. 

This because the square part of this thing or this Bolt the past the three-year went through like.

This and then I typed this up the top so this was in the truck like this and this is important because.

I want to get this on here and such a way to where I can still get to the Bullhead so if it was in the truck like this then the bull head like the side of the threaded side in the side with a Bola go 3 or so it would theoretically go together like this if you’re wondering why I’m not making much of an effort to clean this up probably not going anywhere that was a lot better than.

What was on there doesn’t but I made sure that the boat was taken out by the way this is Master spline and what I mean when I say that is because a big flat spot up here you see like there’s all these Garrity and then there’s this flat spot another words this can only go on one way so it’s Masters one budget around cuz it looks like.

It only goes Only One Direction I’m going to take a little bit of Loctite and put it on this smoke before I install it just a little bit

I don’t want this work at Lucy and there’s a lot of vibration of here torque spec for this but you know but had some blue Loctite on it I’m going to add a little bit more with steering components like.

This will work things loose the whole thing about steering wheel being straight well I suppose that makes it easier to what put it in their correct locations so that he can remove all these parts so I can get them off of there but that being Masters wind like that like the truck moves when I do this now the whole truck is where is before I could do that then it wasn’t doing anything

When I go over bumps or in the steering wheel when I was going over bumps like I felt that all through the steering wheel in approvement personally I feel like a return on investment with this part replacement is Precinct in High

 I mean yeah you got a fight with his way with the little bit to drill those out but once you get past that point you don’t need to lift this isn’t that expensive Elena click it down the description for you and the Improvement is certainly noticeable so gmt400 pickup truck anyway like I said to this as well as additional information to all the way from the description.

 I’ll see you next time thanks for watching

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