Ford B-Max MPV Review

The Ford b-max is a smallest MPD in Fords history but all your families out there shouldn’t strike it off your list just yet because.

What this little nipper lacks in size it makes up for an ingenuity making a small people carrier look good is no mean feat toward unbox the aren’t traits normally associated with style and charisma but you know what thoughts done a really good job here it’s really a treatment of trapezoidal grille swept-back headlights and curved roofline make it far more Savelle than the style Toyota verso-s and then there’s a party piece the B Max is the first car in the world to feature slide doors with no metal pillar between them.

This offers unparalleled access and gives it a clear selling point over its closest rival voxel Meriva with the doors open you have parental salvation offering unparalleled access to the rear seats making it far easier to fit and remove child car seats plus your precious cargo.

When closed the reinforced doors locked together for strength hoping to give it the 5-star rating it achieved in Europe and cap crash tests forgers tried hard to make the b-max an upmarket contender and the cabin certainly reflects this now as a single piece soft touch dashboard.

Which avoids any unsightly joins and standard equipment levels are good while titanium versions are positively luxurious the glass panoramic sunroof is a great option lifting the cabins ambiance the tall roof offers excellent head and legroom and with this much space for four adults is hard to believe it’s based on the same underpinnings as the Fiesta there are neat cupholders and these necks.

Which are a great place to keep your mobile or person slipping around the boot is a good size and has a handy floor which can be moved up and down to create more room or a hidden space for valuables Ford has a reputation for turning out cars with great handling and the BMAC certainly impresses.

It has accurate steering and strikes a good balance between being too wall away and too firm the end is to go for are the 1 litre EcoBoost petrol if you spend most of your time in town all the 1.6 litre diesel.

If you fancy more frugality although be warned and not just 62 mile per hour time of thirteen point nine seconds isn’t what you’d call racy rather than rest on its laurels Porter’s flex its engineering muscle and reinvent of the small NPV formula unique side doors because the beam acts a strong selling point and add to the appeal of the best driving car in the class

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