Ford Fiesta hatchback review

Ford Fiesta hatchback review shortly s is Britain’s biggest selling car not to mention one of the most popular on autograder in 2012 a phenomenal 109 thousand cars.

Were sold that’s 20,000 more than its second-place rival the rock salt water in order to keto sales PQ waters given its much-loved supermini.

What’s known in the trade as a mid-cycle refresh an updated known new technology and introducing Ford’s new range of equilibria special engine the cosmetic changes aren’t major but they are quite dramatic.

This power dome bonnet design keeps a fiesta looking sporty while the revised headlamps was daytime running LEDs and the more dominant Aston Martin s grille offer up a bit more sophistication inside the revised Fiesta.

Has certainly raised its game in terms of perceived quality I like the way the soft touch dashboard completely surrounds the central console design including.

This five inch color display which also runs forward sync voice activation system another new piece of technology worth mentioning is Mikey which allows parents with young and newly qualified drivers to set maximum speed and volume limits it might perk some teenagers but it sounds like a fair deal if it means you can borrow your mum’s wheels occasionally .

The steering adjusts for rake and reach the seats offer plenty of back support and there’s storage for your coffee cup and smartphone there’s plenty of space in the back for the average person – the plastics back here start to feel a bit Scratchy boot space is unchanged matching.

The Volkswagen Polo and Vauxhall Corsa for luggage load the Fiesta is and always has been a brilliant handling little car the steering is well balanced there’s minimal body roll and plenty of grip and now there’s reduce road noise .

Which helps refinement on motorway journeys there’s a burr wheel driven a large range of petrol and diesel engines on offer for to save you a lot of hassle we’d nominate the 1 litre EcoBoost petrol engine as our pick of the range it’s a bit growly under load.

But loves to rev does nought to 62 miles per hour in a respectable 9 point 4 seconds and is exempt from road tax with its improved looks in car refinement and new technology the Ford Fiesta remains at the top of its class it might not be the cheapest supermini on sale but this is a car we’d be proud to own you

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