Ford Focus review 2014

Ford is brilliant at making small family hatchbacks and the focus has been the UK’s best-selling car of the last decade trouble is has become such an established piece of the furniture that were in danger for getting just how good it is Paul isn’t getting complacent mind and with

this third generation focus its attempting to maintain those class-leading driving dynamics but also make it more upmarket more refined and more economical than ever third time around

the Ford Focus is only available as both a five-door and an estate version though the kinetic design language continues so you’ve got quite a rakish profile going on this zigzag character line as well as a trapezoidal front grille which now features an active shutter they can either close to reduce aerodynamic drag or open to improve airflow to the engine there are some really nice details going on – like this chromed window line with a special kink at the very end plus the way

the fuel filler cap has been integrated into this rear panel but it also has a system called easy fuel and that makes it impossible for you to put in the wrong petrol or diesel nozzle when you’re having one of those days inside is a significant step up in the perceived quality of this sector so it does feel like a big fiesta especially with this foam pad interface for your radio sat-nav and other controls

the driver gets a wraparound cockpit vibe which feels pretty modern and the steering as well as the seating position is infinitely adjustable there’s a scattering of soft touch plastics used in the construction of the dash and everything just feels so well considered than these padded inserts on the elbows to the giant glove box – even the fact that these cup holders as well as the door handles

have been illuminated with LCDs standard equipment includes ESP air conditioning as well as a digital radio which is perfect for that upcoming digital switchover but this car also has a really impressive level of gadgetry Bluetooth and mp3 connectivity are a given where you also spec a technology bundle

that includes blind spot indicators automatic full beam headlight dimming a driver fatigue system as well as roadside recognition and that uses this camera here to constantly scan the road ahead and project the current speed limits into your digital display plus you want to spec Park Assist from the focus will even parallel park for you rear space offers enough heads and knee room for three passengers though

the booth is a bit disappointing not only is there a small loading lip it’s less spacious than both of ox or Astra and even a second generation Ford Focus the Ford Focus has always been great fun to drive

but the overwhelming impression you get here is of refinement the cabin is just so well insulated from any road or tire noise and the ride quality is now the class benchmark it’s smooth and comfortable on motorway runs and yet the car still manages to entertain in the corners in terms of engines the popular 1.6 liter diesel is surprisingly quiet at almost any speed

the biggest talking point will be the 1 litre EcoBoost petrol unit now put on a piddly 1 litre unit into a car this big may sound like a quick way to embarrass yourself on an overtake but the unit is made from all aluminium so it’s lightweight it uses direct fuel injection and it’s turbocharged so it actually produces the equivalent of a naturally aspirated 1.6 liter petrol go another test

drive and I guarantee you will be really surprised at just how well that thing shifts you can also spec a 99 brake horsepower version the same three cylinder unit it’s just 109 g/km of co2 the forth focus is a fantastic family car refined beautifully

well finished brilliant fun to drive with some clever engines and even clever attack that boot may not make it the final words in practicality but small family hatchbacks really don’t get much better than this

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