Ford Grand C-MAX MPV review 2014

Ford Grand C-MAX MPV review 2014 or take the same attitude to its Mpbs like this c-max here as it does to every other model in its range.

Has to look sharp and drive well just because circumstances have forced you into the family equivalent of school bus doesn’t mean that you have to give up on style or enjoyment is the Ford motto the c-max is certainly a crisply styled car but it’s freshly ironed creases and gaping lower front grille like any other Ford.

There are two versions of Ford’s compact people carrier there’s the standard 5 theta c-max or this the 14 centimeters longer grand c-max with places for seven once you lift the two rear motor seats out of their hideaways in the boot floor the five seater car has conventional rear doors while in the grand c-max they slide improving accessibility in the grand c-max the second row in red above two full-size seats and a slimmer in the middle which can be quickly folded out of the way this allows better access to the rear.

But it’s not the most comfortable perch if you’re the one who ends up sitting there because it is distinctly narrow in both cars all the rear seats fold completely flat for those occasions.

When bulky cargo takes precedence over passengers up front drivers enjoy a higher than average seating position which gives a really good view of surrounding traffic this is partially spoiled though by the thick rear windscreen pillars that block your view .

It’s not essential for an MPV to drive well as long as it’s safe comfortable and won’t make the kids sick but if you can have all of that and still enjoy driving it you’d be a fool to complain and in typical Ford fashion the c-max twins are pretty much best-in-class we should hardly come as a surprise as they have the same chassis as the Ford Focus they’ve got the balance between the ease of driving around town and the composure on twisty country lanes just about right and they also ride well the c-max is available.

With a low powered entry-level 1.6 liter engine not offered in its big brother but in both cars the pickup the petrol range is the 148 horsepower turbo that Ford calls EcoBoost but for families who do higher than average mileage a better bet might be the 1.6 litre diesel both cars.

Have a full five-star safety rating from Euro endcap so I’ll protect your family if the worst comes to the worst and they are available in two well-equipped packages which leave little to be added from the extras catalog neither is the most practical compact MPV on the market although the grand c-max argues a stronger case than the five seater.

But if you need an MPV and you don’t want to give up on driving enjoyment completely the c-max is as good as it gets

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