Ford Ka hatchback 2014 Model review

The old offering ideal credentials for urban life small proportions slightly raised by the physician and like controls the complexity car should also be considered a bit of a fashion accessory and there’s something about the fraud car that has always made it a bit of a hit with the ladies.

Despite the city car dimensions the Ford car has a very robust chunky stamps round the fact that curved rear screen and high mounted back bumper pin to the original car as just this highly recognizable window graphic.

But when you come around the front you have these rather large headlamps that have a hint of Amy Winehouse’s I may come to them and this large front grille.

That makes it look more like a shrunken fiesta it is however based on the same platform as the Fiat 500 and if you have a driven the baby fears the interior will feel very familiar including the high mounted gearbox.

The oddly positioned electric window controls in the central¬† even the key still the quality of the plastics and interior design and light years ahead of the previous car and there’s an endless number of color schemes and trim finishes to make.

Your mark practicality wise this generous head and elbow room up front you also get a decent glovebox and mp3 connectivity as standard in terms of nickels you can’t alter the steering.

Wheel from reach the pair of rear seats are difficult to access and barely have enough room for kids and you can only open the boot using the cue  and the road the food cart and Fiat 500 feel almost identical.

I take the car ride slightly better the steering is slightly heavier and it doesn’t quite have that electrical assistance you get with the 500 but neither of them a very good out of town with plenty of engine tire and wind noise transmitting into the cabin.

When you get to dual carriageway speed rather than point to Lisa petrol on them point three two diesel on offer but we recommend the petrol it’s smooth and despite being just 69 brake horsepower it doesn’t feel underpowered I let you drive leisurely in high gear and if you do want power you don’t have to drop down a car so the Ford car may look like a baby Fiesta.

But it doesn’t really drive like one still it is a great and contemporary looking city car which is slightly more practical than the retro Fiat 500 with which it shares so much that said in a market where style sells it doesn’t.

Have the same effortless chic or swagger of the baby Fiat which is why we suggest you have a look there too before making your decision you

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