Ford Mondeo review 2015

Ford Mondeo review 2015 the Ford Mondeo is so ingrained in British society that it’s become part of the language

when describing a particular section of the population we’ve all heard of Mondeo man right well do two slightly waning levels of popularity over the last few years Mondeo man has steadily been turning into BMW bloke the question is does the latest Mondeo have what it takes to tempt buyers back well it certainly has the looks to compete many family estates

have a rather dull boxy appearance but the Mondeo has edgy details and crisp lines that give the car a real sense of sophistication and desirability and that’s not something Ford could claim with previous incarnations of the Mondeo all versions come with alloy wheels as standard but from z-tech trim up words you get body colored bumpers Olding x’ and various

chrome trims that make your car look a good bit smarter don’t go too mad with your choice of alloy wheels though because the bigger they are the harder the ride you however while the Monday knows bodywork looks the business the same can’t really be said of the interior the main touch points are fine but some of the material is used elsewhere really let

Ford Mondeo review 2015

the side down the glove box lid the door pockets and this slab of dark plastic on the center console are prime examples this car simply cannot match a Volkswagen / set for quality let alone a DS and BMWs quality aside though there is a lot to like in here the seats give you brilliant support and they’ve got loads of adjustment and this touchscreen system is simple and intuitive to use the most important bit

with any estate car though is practicality and on that score the Mondeo is simply sensational there’s a huge amount of space in the back for gangly adults and even more importantly the boot is absolutely massive it gets even bigger

when you fold the back seats down and because they go pretty much flat you get a nice level load area however it’s not quite perfect you’ll have to muscle heavy items over this protruding bit of rear bumper so you don’t scratch

it and with a small rear window and thick pillars you’re over the shoulder visibility isn’t all that great we’re the Mondeo really redeems itself though is on the road this really is a fantastic car to drive whatever the surface you’re on and whatever speeds are doing it rides with real smoothness and sophistication so you’re kept comfortable and relaxed at all times refinemen

t is another area in which the Mondeo is exceptionally strong thanks to really good suppression of wind and road noise and that makes this car a brilliant way to pound up and down motorways you’ll be super impressed by the handling as well there’s no getting away from the fact this is one big heavy car but it grips well the body controls nice and tight the steering is responsive and predictable so it still feels really agile for a car

this size the vast majority of Monday OS are sold with a diesel engine but we’d steer clear of the entry-level 1.6 because it’s not quite man enough for the job especially

when you’ve got a full load onboard the 2-liter diesels is the 148 horsepower version or the 178 horsepower version we’ve got here feel much more gutsy and flexible but we’d steer you towards the lower powered version thanks to its lower purchase prices and superior fuel economy the Mondale estate has all the practicality that any family will ever need and it’s the best car of its type to drive it can’t live with a competition in some areas most notably interior quality but it’s a seriously impressive family car nonetheless you

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