Ford Mondeo saloon review 2014

Ford Mondeo saloon review 2014 the Ford Mondeo has long been considered king of the rat Marvel’s Mondeo man even has its own sociological class

but with that class is ambition to continually move up market into cars that offer more refinement better engines and more equipment Ford is also having to follow suit by raising its own levels of desirability and luxury the fourth-generation Ford Mondeo may have been around since 2007 but it has never stopped developing the kinetic design language was revisited in 2010 to feature

we profile bumpers and the now customary daytime running front LEDs while the 2013 arrival of this Business Edition trim level which features privacy glass chrome air G’s front and rear parking sensors plus the option of either 16 or 17 inch alloys as standard is clearly aimed at the fleet market the Mondeo is interior maybe showing its age a little more readily than the exterior

but it is still high-quality the entire front section of dash is made from soft touch plastics the gear trim as well as the steering wheel is trimmed in real leather and even those door cards are fitted

with padded inserts granted it isn’t going to tempt anybody out of the BMW 3-series but well spec versions certainly hold their own against the likes of the Vauxhall Insignia and Volkswagen Passat entry-level versions

known as graphite include air conditioning a digital da B radio CD player and Bluetooth is standard but this business edition spec also adds the very intuitive touchscreen satellite navigation system the other thing to note

Ford Mondeo saloon review 2014

is that it is absolutely massive in here there’s plenty of head and knee room for three adults in the back and the boot is cavernous even with a spare

wheel you won’t just fit your own golf clubs back there you’ll fit your entire management teams in two although the Mondeo is physically a very big car it doesn’t really feel it from behind

the wheel this remains one of the class benchmarks for ride and handling and that’s regardless of whether you’re cruising down the motorway or just going home on your favorite B Road steering’s

wonderfully precise you get really good body control and there’s just a suppleness to the suspension and that really helps from stopping those rear passengers and getting travel sick

while you can spec Ford’s very innovative 1.6 litre EcoBoost we actually prefer the more frugal mondale the 1.6 TDCI giora tog that’s both quicker and more efficient than the equivalent volkswagen passat bluemotion accelerating from north to 62 in just under 12 seconds with so much competition on offer

I don’t think mondo man or woman has ever had it this good foods offering may be old but it is genuinely good fun to drive and offers in the right spec or the comfort refinement value for money and fuel efficiency you could want from a family car and a company car

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