Honda CR-V 2012 4×4 Review

Over five million CRVs have been sold since it was first announced in 1995 so it’s perhaps no surprise that this fourth generation model is well unsurprising.

Its designers have clearly decided to make the CRV the best car that they can and not try and reinvent a proven formula so has their attention to detail paid off well let’s find out the new Honda CRVs nose is taller and more aggressive than before with three sweeping war bars adding to its wider stance there are also these new side grilles and the painted black lower front bumper.

Which visually hunkers the car down onto the road while there’s still enough ground clearance for some mild off-roading along its flanks the CRV now has a much sharper belt line and these practical pieces of black plastic cladding to help prevent stone chips well it might not be quite as classy as the Volkswagen Tiguan.

We think the CRV will look just as home outside a five-star hotel as it will down at your local Beach the CRV has always been designed to feel as car-like as possible you sit low behind the dashboard and the center console brings the gear lever down to meet your hand it’s comfortable and spacious with a great view of the road ahead.

We like the sense of Honda quality in here everything feels robust and rugged even if there are some quite scratchy plastics there are lots of storage could be holes dotted around the cabin and where most cars have to put boulders in the front this one has three but we’re not quite as keen on the sat-nav which has too many fiddly buttons graphics which look quite out of date and not to mention the fact that currently thinks were swimming in the middle of a lake there are also quite a lot of buttons on the steering wheel.

Which can be quite confusing until you get used to them rear seat passengers now sit four centimeters lower than before so there’s more Headroom and rear legroom is excellent as well as foot room because of this usefully flat floor there are three rear seatbelts including.

This one which comes down for middle passengers and there are isofix mounting points for child car seats as for the boot well it’s very large with over 100 litres more space in the Tiguan and rear seats which fold down with a pull of these levers okay so the CRV will never set your trousers on fire but it does ful fill its car-like brief it’s quiet and comfortable to drive and it has enough poise to keep you safe on a country road there’s also abs and stability control across the range to keep you out of harm’s way most models from with four-wheel drive but for the first time in the CRV there’s also a two-wheel drive option for those.

Who want to look to the 4×4 but with lower running costs we’d avoid the 2 litre petrol engine just far to rev hungry instead go for this the 2.2 diesel which pours right from idle is quiet and can achieve more than 45 mpg Honda’s three buzzwords the CRV are reliable capable and reassuring and while.

They may not sound like the most exciting attributes Honda’s excellent reliability record will reassure customers spending thousands of pounds on this car that is a safe purchase the fact that CRV is also practical efficient and Pat with safety features will just be the icing on the cake you

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