Honda J Series V6 Thermostat Replacement

As you may or may not have noticed I’m doing several things all at once including shooting a lot of videos at the same time one of those videos

Was replacing the valve cover gaskets on the engine but during the service I had always planned to replace the thermostat in order to the intake manifold honestly there’s no better time to access the thermostat housing

Which is right here which is normally under the throttle body and everything and all this other stuff but it’s just like. 

I said I need to remove that replaces valve cover gaskets overtime so I’m just doing it to the second doing it

I’m in here coolant out from removing water pump because if you saw the inspection for yogis only go off on that kind of thing but with this out-of-the-way actually that’s all you really need to do and you can get down in and replace a thermostat

That way so you can leave the intake manifold replacing this turmoil and anyway removing the battery is just one more step in detail in the video I did about the major service on this vehicle.

 I’ll link that down in the description however know that even if you drain all the coolant out of the radiator that there will still be cool and have a drain underneath the engine when you separate the thermostat housing this harness is going to be kind of in the way there’s a 10 mm push to the side feels like there’s one more Fastener actually it’s another one of those clips this one is down here

Where the fuel line goes in the intake if you really want to see this one of these cars clear I should give you enough movement with harness just like fish this out here it’s really were just after quite literally three Fasteners

How to start by does a ground and all-important ground without a thermostat I believe it’s in the ground to fuel injection so if you forget this ground and it’s not going to start they’re two Fasteners it’s probably almost impossible for me to show

You the lower one but two Fasteners hold the housing I’ll see you there and they’re both also 10 mm there is this was kind of obvious Ortega housing list I’m using an original equipment part I recommend you do the same and you can leave it in there for 200,000 miles if you’re worried about justifying cost and Gasket has the little bleeder thing at the top that’s also

Where this goes right here and I just sort of cuz around the outside of the thermostat like this split in the middle and this will be the top is when you put this and there’s a little indentation at the top of the housing and that’s the way position

It so that little air bleed is at the top it even says up right there I thought should be installed now it’s just a matter of putting back together and fishing those housing for the lower radiator hose knows.

Where to go we got that lower one that’s your challenge a couple of thread your gold not forget the all-important ground reconnecting

That I’m going to put this harness back into place and all you got to do is just slide it back down on the clips and that will almost completed the thermostat replacement on the Honda j-series V6 of course once we get everything back together

We have to fill up a cooling system and most importantly need to bleed the air from the cooling system failure to do this step to health issues.

With the cooling system and also possibly with the heater in your car so it’s extremely important you bleed the air from the cooling system when you’re done to open up the cooling system light with a thermostat replace vehicle.

 I’ve got a video that I link a description covering the process of the air from the cooling system on this car once again I recommend a Honda parts and even though

 I did this on a 2008 Acura TL 3.2 L this process is also very 3.5 + 3.7 as well as description including Parts in other information including those videos that I mention thank you so much for watching be safe have fun stay dirty and I will see you next time 

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