Honda Jazz hatchback review

the Honda Jazz is a steady seller in the supermini class it may not have the final word in style but if you check out the Auto Trader owner reviews

you’ll see that its fans rave about the car consistent reliability and versatility and they keep coming back for more this latest model Honda has injected a little bit of flair to the Jazz as well as introduced a hybrid model but current owners will be pleased to hear that practicality remains king

the Honda Jazz has a sort of interior flexibility that would make an origami expert proud much of this is down to what hunter calls its magic rear seating system the seats are able to fold down

with just one catch making it very decent load space not only that but the seat basis can be locked into an upright position as well allowing for more space for things like potted plants a false floor in the boot provides hidden storage for your most treasured possessions but it can also be removed to add extra space for those shopping bags up front there’s plenty more storage spread around the cabin thanks to this decent-sized glovebox cupholders and its large tray in front of the gear lever

the driving position is quite high set with the Jazz’s – and lesson in simplicity all of the main controls are just an arm’s reach away economically it is very strong but we just wish we could see a bit more color and a little bit less of this hard plastic trim there’s a sparingly taught feel to the Jazz’s style which gives it a simple look when nothing is wasted large headlines that are set back and sweep almost the windscreen help to keep it safe in a low-speed collision and also help to keep insurance premiums low large doors allow for easy access to the spacious front and rear seats the tailgate opens to reveal a low sill which makes lifting heavy bags into the boot nice and easy as you’d expect from a Honda

that jazz is built to a very high standard and it shows in these tight uniform panel gaps the Honda Jazz is longer and wider than previous models which makes the car feel more mature and composed over roads littered with prompts however there still a firmness to how the gel deals with these lumps and potholes it’s just not as krishi as a Fiesta all the controls are very light and despite the tall proportions the car doesn’t roll into corners so it’s easy to get confident behind

the wheel there are two petrol engines to choose from a 1.2 or 1.4 1.4 offers brisker performance but at a premium and the Jazz is already one of the most expensive cars in its class even crazier is the Jazz with hybrid power this is the flagship jairs with good economy and low emissions but expect as standard with a CVT automatic gearbox

which can be noisy as it’s constantly trying to stay within the maximum power band unless you really need an auto the manual 1.4 liter petrol may be the more simple model to go for the Honda Jazz justifies its high cost with lots of safety strong residuals and the most versatile cabin in its class it may not have the style of a Ford Fiesta nor the subtle driving characteristics but it is an incredibly capable supermini in its own right

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