How To Diagnose a Broken Timing Belt

Today I have something of a surprise to me that you have to make this car instantly enough I broke down right here at the shop by week go take a look at it I suspect it has a broken belt

Which is why I’m titling the video The Way I Am 800 Pineville so I’ll see you in into my diagnostic question to hear the 1999 Toyota Camry with a 2.2 L engine in it however with a covering.

This video should cover just general broken timing belt diagnosis across-the-board now is with this overhead cam engine to remove the distributor cap cranky and didn’t look for the unfortunately one of the first thing they’ll do is just the sound of the engine as a crank is different.

With a vehicle with with an engine with a broken timing belt then it is when it is broken so let’s listen to this thing turn over no really I did kind of skip a little bit there for a second but it was only for a second.

But I think you heard what I meant for you to hear which was it doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of resistance as the engine is turning over if you hear that deducted up to that that you know that beat at the engine turns over is a good chance that has compression so this is going to be my next step.

 I’m going to remove the spark plug wire on number one and I’m going to put spark tester on it but I’m also going at the same time install a compression tester into that same cylinder and then we’ll crank the engine compression or Spark here’s my quick setup and that is that I have installed the compression tester in cylinder number one. 

How To Diagnose a Broken Timing Belt2
How To Diagnose a Broken Timing Belt2

I have taken the spark plug wire that wasn’t so number one in hooked up to it I think it’s a good idea to do this so that the spark had someplace to go I’m not think it’s totally bad but it’s not really the best thing for the coil fire in the nothing but anyway play one more thing.

 I have done but all it does is I’ve got one wire connected to the positive battery cable here and then I’ve got another wire down here that goes to the starter solenoid which there’s this single wire going into the starter solenoid.

 I replaced it with any other man goes to my switch so that means they want to buy pull the trigger and cranks over but when we go inside and turn the ignition on before we go to her but I’m not going to crank it I’m just going to leave it like that the engine would now be on and ready so be mindful so any of the engine if it does start for whatever reason you don’t want to get anywhere near any spinning stuff so just know that when you got the ignition on like that the engine is locked be careful alright.

 I might trigger ready2go the ignition is on or got to do is activate it and see what we get that’s interesting and someone unexpected I did have spark if you could see he could also have also been able to hear it depression is not good and I mean we’re looking at what looks like maybe 40 PSI something like.

That next steps would be to go down the line on the engine and do a compression check on the other three cylinders and see if they match up to sort of get a better idea of what’s going on before I do that though I’m going to turn the ignition off okay nothing at all and sold her number too and also know that the other plugs are out so all four spark plugs are out so there.

Will be one less resistance as it turns over but we got zero zip compression on cylinder number 2 let’s move on this order 303 and you might be wondering the same thing I’m wondering why didn’t we have spark on cylinder number 2 as well as no compression interesting that there was a quick part there for a second and then nothing but also no compression on cylinder number 3 there’s the smell of raw fuel injectors are still active but at least me to believe that at least for now before.

 I check fuel pressure that it’s reasonable to assume that I am getting fuel pressure but the fact we have no compression means okay so fuel pressure or not we’re still dealing with mechanical issues with no matter what. 

Everything’s hooked up the ignition is back on I’m going to pull the trigger cylinder 4 we had all kinds of spark there and maybe we had spark on cylinder 2 and I just didn’t see it I’ll have to check the video but if we got so far we got with smells like fuel we got no compression on 3 cylinders that tells me it’s highly likely that camshaft in here is not spinning but I don’t think the top end of the engine is moving we can verify that by removing the upper timing cover and getting to look I’m not going to move is a timing belt issue in detail in this video but we’ll talk about my results when.

I haven’t and we’ll be fine exactly what I suspected for whatever reason that timing belt is no longer connected and no wonder training yet it so my suspicions were correct and I’ve shown you my process and how I go about diagnosing straight

This a little more clearly I’ve rigged up my switch again and the ignition is off and I’m just going to turn the engine over so you can see that the timing belt is not moving the camshaft and there is no definitive proof that we got to get the rest of that part find out what’s going on and replace broken parts hopefully we don’t have bent valves and go from there a belt on your engine or if you just are curious about

How to diagnose a broken timing belt on an engine these are my methods as I stated earlier the easiest thing to do in my opinion to conclude that you have a problem with the timing belt however I would recommend that you remove some timing covers and do a direct inspection of the timing belt just a verify things as I did in this video never know there could be something else told other videos including a video that is specifically on what to do if your timing belt breaks that said if you have on my questions not covered in

This video as he had to Eric car guy., which will also be linked in the description appreciate it when you do that. Be safe have fun stay. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time bye well thank you for sticking around to the very end of the video and yes this timing belt was very broken very very broken and running pretty good now thanks for watching you say that fun stay dirty

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