How To Install and Connect a Trailer Brake Controller

Thank you for tuning in today and today’s episode of me to be working on the awesome truck that Also has the other style 4-way as well so my dad gave me it’s lacking something that.

 I would like it to have and that’s the ability to haul a car trailer yes it’s a 1500 and it’s got a short wheelbase but still I’d like to try.

 I’ve added power to the engine also it’s got a better transmission in an awesome transmission cooler now.

 I need to do some wiring and add some new components and specifically I need to add a trailer brake controller and also a 7-way plug in the back of only got four way plug in the back on it now so I’m going to be installing a trailer brake controller and a 7-way plug setup in the back of this truck so if you need to know how to wire one of these up on your truck the information in this video should be helpful to you so stay tuned.

Here are all the components that I will be installing on the truck will start over here with Publix that I will be installing on the truck and we’ll start over here.

How To Install and Connect a Trailer Brake Controller1
How To Install and Connect a Trailer Brake Controller1

With the trailer brake controller also has the other StyleDial four way as well so this will be capable of doing both got this little pig tail here here’s the bracket for it also this is referred to as a repair harness for the 7-way in this plugs into this and this will be all my connections to the vehicle I also have here a 30 amp fuse inline fuse assembly that I will be installing I don’t come with these.

 I like that already put this on but it’ll give me a head start and what I need to do and this is a 30 amp resetting circuit breaker so when is circuit breaker trips it automatically resets after a. Of time in this is super important for this installation before we get started I have the two main wiring diagrams late out on this work bench and I will also a link in the description in a website that

 I found that has great resources on trailer brake wiring has how to identify wire colors know that but the wire colors on a 7-way are fairly typical from the research that I didn’t this is what 

We’re going to be wiring into the vehicle now they mentioned I already have a 4-way plug in the back your which were going to use some of those circuits to wire into this and make things easier however I’m going to need to add two wires in particular back to this plug and one of those is going to be a battery positive.

How To Install and Connect a Trailer Brake

I talked about this back to this connector and it’s going to be like I said have this 30 amp fuse in it so that’ll be for that but additionally whatever you need to do is I’m going to need to extend this blue wire coming out of the trailer brake controller back to this and that goes into this blue wire here so I am going to run those two wires but real quick I want to point out this Auto reset 30 amp circuit breakers I mentioned earlier the reason why we need this instead of directly into the battery is say worst case scenario we’re driving down a hill or something towing a trailer and some of the trailer brakes go out if it was just a fuse circuit that fuse would blow and that would be a circuit breaker will reset and maybe a couple of times just to give you enough brakes to get stop someplace safely.

Which is hopefully what happens but in order to make these trailer brakes work properly the power distribution block on the truck I’m going to take my 30 amp fuse circuit running off of this power distribution block down and threw my wiring harness and back to the back of the vehicle but I’ll be able to pop that Fuse cover off and replaced fuse if I need to and by the way everything in this power distribution block is hot all the time.

But we’re not running the power for the trailer brake controller through here we’re taking that directly off the battery this is just for the 12-volt accessory going back of a 7-way connector trailer brake controller right down here by my shifter and there’s a couple of important things about money mounting.

This you want to be able to reach it while you’re driving easily and also needs to be level this thing has an inertia switch inside of it so it needs to be level when it’s mounted next time to work on mounting my circuit breaker which I believe I’m going to put right here it’s really close to the battery how many use 10 gauge wire for this and run straight out of this positive battery terminal down underneath the battery tray to hear from their how many go back into the harness and running inside the cab of the vehicle to go to the trailer brake controller and 

I just noticed I don’t know if you can see this or not but this copper terminal is the one that supposed to go to the battery that’s as bad here and then this is the one that the goes out to whatever accessory.

How To Install and Connect a Trailer Brake Controller2
How To Install and Connect a Trailer Brake Controller2

Have all right well mounted here’s the underside of that money I would prefer to have the screw heads coming down this way but that wasn’t possible to not sweat fit on the top reasons that is it is the tires right here I don’t necessarily want to come in contact with any of this I don’t think it will but just be mindful of that if you decide to mount your circuit breaker in a similar way that I did hear next.

 I’m going to run my wires here’s an update I have run a wire from the positive battery terminal down underneath the battery tray over here to the circuit breaker then I have one from here in the circuit breaker and I just sort of roughly ladies things out and that one goes inside the cab going to the trailer brake controller in its color is all so hot I only had 12 gauge wire but according to the instructions that’s perfectly acceptable this one is run under the vehicle this will go back to the connector for the trailer in this is the accessory power for the trailer it’s going to run through this fuse and just hide it up here just roughly lay things out of got the spools of wire underneath the car right now or I’m sorry underneath.

The truck also have going through the firewall here one of these is the power coming from what I just showed you and the other one is going to head back out to the trailer brake connector and the way up identified them since they’re both black is one of them had that blue piece of paper that’s the one that’s going to head back to the trailer brake connector and the one that is just black is the power come from for the battery and I’ll just use the same pass through that I can use for a lot of my wiring for the truck already classes to take these wires from here and run them along.

The frame and all the way back and make sure I have enough wire to get all the way back here and then we’ll sort out we’re going to mount connector which I believe is going to be right about here is my two wires that run all the way up from the front and I’ve let myself plenty of weed that looks like a tide in this connector here eating some of these why and looking at this I got my work cut out for me cuz well I found this ground which sucks I also found a I don’t know if you can see this see if I can show you ran that harness rate between the frame and paint it going up to the taillights well I’m going to take care of that also and it also looks like there’s a missing Fastener that looks like suspect one of these wires is reverse light so we’ll just need to tie into it one done some work may be able to see here I went in and I moved that harness out of here so I pried up with my pry bar and pull this thing out a little bit of the plastic is still in there but all the wires and everything I’ve been pulled through I’ll show you on the other side I also found a Fastener and installed that over there and I took this out I’m use this as something of a break out into the wiring diagram how these wires break down the brown wire is the running lights the yellow wire is the left turn signal I believe the light green wire is the reverse lights and a dark green wire is the right turn signal 

Where I’m going to have to do some where is tie into the light green wire so that I can have a reverse light signal going to my 7-way connector wiring diagram for the truck and you can see the back of lights are here this is what we do need to tell you until you say comes down here to this c24 into the connector and comes out of this light green wire so we know that that’s the reverse lights we can verify that also I believe a lot of those wires that got smashed all tied together I think it would ease grounds but that around back there I’m going to redo anyway because there’s some exposed wire Good Grounds make a good electrical system so I make sure that everything is clean tight well connected to it all works properly after removing and unplugging the left rear tail light and was able to come over here and get a closer look at the damage and what’s happening to these wires this yellow wire is damage these grounds girl squished in here and I don’t like that so I’m going to redo this ground.

How To Install and Connect a  Brake Controller

 I’m just me go through these wires and perform and I needed repairs alright here’s my handiwork running is back in no longer smushed I fix this ground on these are actually solder connections so that they shrink solder have used these before on this project and so far they worked really well I also took some time to to clean up.

This ground eyelet so that’s all nice and it will live back here after all is said and done I may have been clean off some bare metal there to create a better growney service but for now 

I’m going to get all this stuff back into place and Ray so that we can continue with the installation next up I want to figure out where I’m going to mount the plug and I put the receiver in here just to get an idea what I’m trying to avoid is a situation where is a the trailer is always jackknifes they all the way over like this and there’s a plug sticking out of here I don’t want it to be in a position to where I can get broken it would have been nice to be able to put it up in here but this is a bit why because of this extra connector here and I don’t really foresee that happening plus there’s you know just just that area in there I don’t think it’s going to be suitable

I thought about down here but I think that’s a little bit low also might be happy with the wiring there so I keep coming back to this as a mounting location now I can always move this if I need to thank without a plug so if I need to move it back this way and you know actually hook up to the trailer and find the things are different but how much money does now so that you know as you mount your connector you put it someplace to wear one isn’t be serviceable and that is not to be damaged during the course of that when you do your mounting spend some time to figure out the best location.

 I just need some self tapping screws for that I thought she was going to get I’m going to come back in here and maybe I think put a pizza Conduit on us on these wires just cuz I like to that’s not right now look at this guy here’s an update I have finished wiring in in the circuit breaker which is now connected to the battery but battery still disconnected it. I also finished connecting the trailer power going back to the trailer and I took some time and put the wires in the harness may have been premature but these are just wires there’s no breaks or connections or anything in there that I’m concerned about it this time but at the moment there are these two power wires coming in under the dash that.

 I have the firewall the blue one or the one with the blue tape is going to be for the trailer breaks out and the black wire coming in is that power from the circuit breaker that I showed you in the back of the truck I’ve ran the two wires be red wire is power for the trailer and black wire is actually going to connect the blue wire on the trailer connector that is the signal coming from the trailer brake controller.

 I plugged it back in that grandma just hanging here at the moment cuz I’m going to run my own ground, reconnect the battery now and I’m not concerned about those wires are on a floor that now have power going to them cuz they’re not connected to ground and they’re not touching any metal so I’m not concerned about that but I can hook this naked people back up and start my testing how many use my Power Probe for this but you can just as easily use a test light that’ll work just as good what are the first and easiest things I can check is that power wire but I Ran So this red wire that’s going to be the trailer power power power all the time that is fused 30 amp fuse okay

Why don’t have any Bieber slicked back here now and I just realized why they’re that ground connection a kind of Lucky in that my Power Probe has a ground connected to it up here and attached to this and provide a ground Bell sleeve shirt look good although they won’t. I think about it so nothing’s going to work because that connector is not plugged in so without that connector plug and I’m not going to have my lights or anything therefore I need to go into the light green wire Port which of the second went in and check for power they’re all right down and it does so that means

 I have power going to the reverse lights on that green wire and I can verify this by putting the transmission in park and see if I still have power transmission is now in park shake that thing for it and there’s nothing nothing else so I know I found a reverse lights to plug this back in because the turn signals and running lights with us in now it’s working out here now left turn signal I believe yellow wire and we have insurance and also yellow is left turn signal all right turn signal should be green and it is try running lights running like back here we can see my license plate lights are both working. Power on this black wire which I do know this is what’s going to power up the power of the trailer brake controller so and now verified that I have power here we have it this guy which will sort out once we get the trailer brake controller hook up you’re going back again now I’m taking the pigtail and I plugged it in and 

I’ve done this because I want to know what on my wireless are I want to make sure that I get it all right cuz I you know with my grounds and everything I don’t have to run extra wires and I often do this just to try to get my wire length correct a 5ft 1in most challenging things I’m doing.

This and I find that just laying things out ahead of time usually helps that is so I have a good clean ground to work with rounds are super important make sure they’re clean tight and secure I think it would be nice though pick us up and over I’m going to put a conduit on that’s just like I did before of it this just gives a little movement to everything just in case I ever need more use the full length of this to save me having to deal with it that’s going to be the battery but it’s one way to get there from here the other challenge is going to be the reverse light I could use one of those Cliffs the tie-in but this is a highly corrosive area just broke up with collect back here you want to run everything so tight that put the string on stuff over my battery is disconnected so Google no danger of sorting stuff out which is just the way we want it all the same only difference being is this black water blue wire National color that’s right it’s better look at my finish work pilot for the ground you’re not going to find it before installation now you may be asking yourself Eric what happened here well the purple wire end up short and since I already connected everything when I did was I just moved around and made a little Fat Bottomed.

This I’m not too worried about it but it’s all the wires are protected from chafing which is being tired that I do this look up the grounds I reconnect the connector and I guess move everything up and out of the way in final position I’m just going to spray a little before I connect it that way it will help hopefully keep it from getting corrosion I’m very happy with that but before installing the trailer brake controller left I’m going to actually test everything at the trailer brake connector or a 7-way connector I should probably say 7 + 4y and see if everything works there and once I’m assured of that I can back the truck up the lift and start working under the dash to get the controller and stuff and that is this one on the upper right should be the power and down here on this one should be ground guess we got those we got power and ground. 

Let’s check the other stuff to check both the running lights and reverse lights simultaneously power on the upper left one here which I do reverse lights are actually the center really nice yelling so that’s not quite 12 volts Maybe but we do have power there is that yells at me when I got 12 volts this means there’s probably a little bit less but me with the truck running that won’t be the case for the least of these are powered up let’s try left turn what’s her name should be this one that’s all the way over on the left that’s working on the other side right turn signal is just the opposite of left turn in the other side also working so we verified everything except the brake control but possibly we can do that after we get control of hooked up but I just thought of something I didn’t check any plugs here so quick looks like a right turn at this top one hit the other turn signals next one down.

It is the only other thing this guy has is running lights what should be the spot in line drawn and then drowned so everything works for this one also and just because I messed up everything I’m just going to check to see if brake lights are working the only thing left is to mount the brake controller and hook up these wires so this a black wires going to be my hot all the time that’s the one that’s running through.

That circuit breaker that we installed and this is going to be the power going back to the connector that we just installed for the trailer brakes so there’s only two other wires.

That were going to need here and one is we’re going to need to run a ground which similar to what we did in the rear we find a good metal surface and we can patch it that’s grounds are the battery or the next thing is we’re going to need a brake light signal and a signal we’re going to need is going to only be hot on the pedal is depressed now you’re looking at the back of the brake lights white wire and that’s.

The way they were going to tap into because that one is hot we need to press the pedal the orange wire is hot all the time in the two wires up to the top I suspect have something to do with cruise control or something else but the wire that were concerned about is the one that goes hot and we need to press the pedal and that in this case is going to be this white wire so don’t have to tie into that to send a signal to the trailer brake controller right underneath it but you’ll be able to hear it rounded I’m on the back road in that white wire I hit the pedal it goes power and that’s what we’re looking for something that gets power when the brake pedal is depressed so when the brake light switch is closed that’s what we’re looking for this isn’t it difficult to the white wire.

  I’m going to I’m going to run I’m going to run away that wire press the brake so I verified that this wire is sending a signal like I said and tap into it and I’ll run that over to the trailer brake controller before the my wires and everything we’re going to end up just want to make sure that I can open the ashtray so it took a bit of doing that ship it was very much in the way now that it’s mounted my wires are run.

 I ran the two wires that ran through the firewall up above the steering column kept away from anything with brake pedal now think about it you don’t want any wires or anything getting tangled up in your brake pedal as it moves during his travel so I went up above the steering column here and the through and over and I have what wires out here now which looks me plenty wire for what I need to mention I have a ground right here that I’m going to run a wire down from that I’m also going to tie into this white wire in this harness connectors not my favorite thing to do they do work in this is inside the cab so as not to be exposed to the elements to my white wire for the brake like here and send it over to get everything hooked up and we should hear something about Pro tip if you will actually got this from a mechanic.

This is a seam ripper it is excellent for going up into wiring harnesses like this and opening up a tape he just makes at least a bit through there’s a blade on the inside here and push forward I really can’t do this one handed but I’ll show you the result when I get done but the tape I will be there in and push forward and it cuts stuff like this open very nicely and if you’re careful there’s no damage to any wires there a buck at the dollar store I’d be surprised either only a few cents but I found this to be extremely valuable first result Pair of pliers this squish this together but check it and make sure that it went through the insulation and you’ve actually got a decent connection now it’s just a matter of running this ground and I have completed all of my wiring everything is connected I’m going to reconnect the battery and I’m going to test it one last time I’m also going to see if the trailer brake controller Powers up like it should if everything works like.

 I said I’m going to bring the stuff up in a little harness and tie everything up on the way and take some stuff over here basically finish my insulation and I don’t see anything happening on it and I wonder if it actually need the trailer connected to see if complete circuit in order for anything to happen here I’m going to go back to the connector and see if there’s any signal that comes out of the trailer brake controller wire I’m going to the trailer when I step on the brake pedal on this lower right so that one over there I’m just going to throw it and see weird so that’s a strange noise that means something’s going on when I release the brake pedal and see if I still have that noise don’t see it would be on the brakes released nothing okay so I know.

But there’s something going on Two Notch it’s just regular ground why do depress brake pedal something is happening so I would call that a successful time to button things up and make it pretty one last thing I just went into these Terminals and hit them with some white lithium grease has coats things and keeps things from corroding cuz I’m going to be using this all the time and I definitely want a good connection when I need it so something to protect from corrosion

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