Hyundai i10 review

small cars are big business these days and pretty much every manufacturer is trying to get in on the action the result has been huge rising the quality ability and desirability of City cars.

That means the i-10 faces a tough challenge to compete successfully against the likes of the Volkswagen up Toyota AYGO and Renault Twingo however he and I has a neat trick up its sleeve to get this Korean company’s car the best chance to attract British buyers it was designed and developed in Europe by Europeans it’s fair to say that her and I have never really been renowned for the quality of its design we recommitted to have this car designed in Europe because.

What the companies come up with is a really smart looking little run about the basic hatchback shape is smart and up by lots of funky little details like this rear spoiler you got on every model in the range if you stay clear of the basic S trim you also get this black B pillar body coloured door handles and door mirrors if you can stretch to a top-of-the-range premium model you’ll get indicators integrated into these mirrors and alloy.

Wheels rather than these wheel trims admittedly it’s still not quite as chic as some of its city car rivals but we can be sure this looks on anything that’s going to put style-conscious buyers off inside to the designs have done a great job making this card genuinely desirable the plastics are nicely textured in this two-tone dashboard lends a welcome splash of color it’s all really easy to use too the controls are big chunky and logically laid out you get a great view all-round only disappointment is that.

This steering wheel only has tilt adjustment and not the full reach and rake adjustment and if you go for the most basic trimmed car you don’t get a height adjustable driver’s seat that gives you much more control over your driving position the space though this car is pretty much unbeatable.

I owned I says it straddles the city car and supermini classes and sure enough is bigger than pretty much all of its city car rivals not only is there plenty of room in the front of the car there’s enough room in the back for a couple of six-foot-tall adults and the seats are really comfortable and supportive to complete the package there’s decent storage for odds-and-ends dotted around the cabin and the boot is one of the biggest in the city car class with split folding rear seats standard on every model in the range our only complaint is when you drop those rear seats they don’t sit completely flat and there’s quite a big lip to lift things over when you’re loading and unloading that boot last.

But not least you can relax if you are wider buying a car at this price meant sacrificing quality the way the i-10 is put together means you think it will last a lifetime and the materials they use seem really hard wearing perhaps the biggest surprise about the i-10 it’s just how good it is to drive and most importantly for a city car it’s really easy to drive with light steering and a smooth gear changing that make an absolute bottle to pilot through congested city streets.

What’s more the ride is really smooth and comfortable for a city car and yet suspension keeps the body movements well enough controlled to give the car really nimble feel through the bends to cap it all the refinement is way better than you’d expect of a car this small if you spend most of your motoring life in town and either the two petrol engines.

Will suit you perfectly and return good fuel economy contrary to what you might expect though the less powerful 1 liter engine is actually the smoother and the sweeter of the two however if you do regularly spray beyond the urban jungle it’s worth spending a little bit extra to get the 1.2 it’s extra power makes lighting much easier on the motorway but the price you pay is there’s not much power at low revs so you need to make regular use of the 5-speed gearbox to keep the engine spinning at.

Its most efficient the i-10 really is the complete package not only is it one of the most practical city cars as long as you avoid the entry-level trim it also provides all the kit you’ll really need then there’s the immense peace of mind you get from its five-year warranty and to cap it all it also has enough style and class to cut it against its very best rivals as well as being really good to drive for our money the i-10 is one of the best city cars out there you

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