Hyundai i20 hatchback review 2015

one of the major success stories in the motoring industry in recent years is the rise of the Korean brands far from being cheap alternatives to more establish makes Korean cars

are actually really good in their own right and though they’re not necessarily cheap anymore they’re still really good value for money take

the hi um night I twenty it’s a rather spacious supermini and in no way the rather bland anonymous budget runaround we’ve come to expect of career manufacturers of old okay it may not have the piss out of the Fiesta or the valve room of the Clio but compared to previous offering it’s definitely a step in the right direction just look at its neat creatures along the body and the curvaceous lights anyone would think this was your everyday European super mini and for high-end eyes that’s mission accomplished even the rear has hints of trying for style

with its rounded tail lamps and this tapered line and it’s much the same case inside to garner the cheap nasty plastics instead it’s awash with plastics that are not quite as soft touch as some of the best in class but definitely not as offensive for some of the korean cars alone plus the layout is better with buttons that are logical and well placed the cabin is pretty practical too with a boot more than capable of swallowing the weekly shop and it can be extended further with these split folding rear seat with the front seats upright rear seat passengers will

have enough head and leg room to relax in comfort standard equipment is pretty impressive too with air conditioning and stability control available every model not bad for a car with a sub 10,000 pound price tag this blue version is in this instance not a dodgy film but this special economy model powered by a 1.4 liter diesel and fitted with an engine stop-start system aerodynamic tweaks and special tires

that reduce friction as a result it can potentially cover more than 75 miles on a gallon of diesel it’s exempt from road tax and for people who drive in and out of London congestion charge – elsewhere the i-20 range is available in a 1.2 or 1.4 liter petrol or two versions of the standard 1.4 liter diesel delivering either 74 or 89 horsepower they all suit the car well so

which one to go for depends on how you’re going to use it the 1.2 is fine if most of your driving is done around town whilst the diesels aren’t really worth their extra cost unless you have a high annual mileage the i-20 may not be as much fun as safety ester to drive but it’s stable and predictable and a comfortable ride and it’s a remarkably refined small car most at the time

whichever engine you up for cars like the i-20 have made it easy to see why the Koreans have been making such huge progress in the past few years but there is still work to be done the styling of the i-20 is decidedly plain Jane and hi owned eyes image could do with a bit of a polish which is reflected in mediocre secondhand values but so would we let that put us off buying one not one bit

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