Hyundai i40 estate car 2015 Model review

Hyundai i40 estate car 2015 Model review

Long gone are the days when Hyundai sell cars just based on low prices and long warranties they’re now built with a more European owner in mind and are put together.

With much more robust materials combine that with improved engines and it should be a recipe for success the perfect example the Hyundai i40 tourer.

They hand i40 torah has to be one of the main contenders for any estate buyers cash the broad tailgate opens up to reveal one of the biggest boots in the family estate class it’s only a fraction smaller than the massive.

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Ford Mondeo s although not quite as well shaped with the rear seats folded down the i-40 still gives the Mondeo close fight losing out by a matter of fractions.

We can forgive the hone though this because it also provides this hidden storage space big enough for a laptop computer and other valuables to stay safely out of sight moving forward in the cabin the rear seats provide ample room for a growing family in the front the driving position is not as comfortable as it should be however.

There’s plenty of standard equipment on every i-40 that ranges from generous – damn right luxurious hi and I wanted to pack a lot of space into the i-40 Torah without making the outside of the car look too bulky instead.

The i-40 has neat clean lines and a classy look which is helped by the LED daytime running lights while the styling helps to hide the i-40 sighs hi and I has conveniently fitted rear parking sensors to every version of the i-40 this is a real bonus so I’m trying to get into those in the pintuck parking spaces perhaps most importantly the hand i xl torah has the looks to be desirable in the company carpark.

When so many of this model will end up as company cars that is a vital consideration for the i-40 success company car and private drivers alike demand an estate that every bit as good to drive as its hatchback counterpart and the i-40 delivers on this front with aplomb high and I engineers spent a lot of time fine-tuning.

The car on UK roads and it shows potholes are dismissed with confident ease and the i-40 enjoys sure-footed handling the relaxed nature of the i-40 is underlined by its engines.

Which don’t have quite the same performance punch as some of its main rivals there are petrol engines that compare well but most buyers will be looking to the turbo diesel motors the diesels need a few more revs and some of the i-40 s main competitors but there’s no arguing.

With the economy and emissions of these engines compensating for their mediocre performance the diesels are very quiet and the i-40 keep wind and road noise to a minimum the hand III forty Torah is not without.

Its flaws the driving position could be better and the diesels could do with a bit more lowdown gusto however the i-40 tourer delivers masses of space wrap top in a stylish body and high and I still knows how to deliver value for money in a way few others can you

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