Hyundai i40 saloon review 2013

there are many car manufacturers who make bigger strides than. I and I over the last few years gone are the days .

When the firm’s cars would merely cut price alternatives to the mainstream models these are now cars that can compete on their own merits the i-40 saloon is a good example its high-end eyes answer to the Ford Mondeo Volkswagen classic box or insignia and like those cars it’s a cracking family saloon and like those rivals most of the i-40 sold will be as company cars rather than private lives the i-40 has an up style to cut it in any company carpark the angular detailing of the headlamps and grille combined.

With the sleek styling of the bonnet and the low roofline this crease that runs from the front wing to the rear wing across the doors gives the design even more dynamism at the back end the effects topped off with LED tail lamps and a steeply raked to rear screen all versions come with alloy wheels front fog lamps and chrome trims on the window surrounds and exhaust pipes that means you get the same shot looks even if you go for an entry-level model true.

The hyundai badge won’t dazzle your business clients like an Audi or BMW emblem will but it’ll easily match a four-door voxel badge for prestige and from a styling perspective you certainly won’t feel short-changed the stylish lines don’t come at the expense of cabin space either Headroom is generous despite the swooping roofline and the backseat have bags of legroom.

There’s easily enough space in here to keep colleagues and clients comfortable no matter how tall they are true the life could be a bit confusing there is lots of adjustment for your driving position but your sequent go low enough and your steering wheel won’t go high enough that said all four trims come absolutely stacked.

With kit including air conditioning and a Bluetooth phone connection our favorite version is second rung style trim because it adds fleet friendly features like sat-nav front and rear parking sensors and cruise control you like spending time in here as well the interior design is modern and interesting but it’s also easy to use what’s more the standard of the materials in the assembly gives an impressively high-quality feel the boot is one of the biggest in the class as well only just trading a Ford Mondeo Swift capacity if you run a company car.

The chances are that you could have spent most of your time counting up and down motorways luckily.

This is where the i-40 that it’s best because of high speeds it’s stable it’s a quiet and it’s comfortable when you’re going a bit slower the I forties ride doesn’t have quite the same finesse or polish that you get in a Ford Mondeo it’s not as good at the Benzie that the steering feels a bit vague around the straight ahead and it all feels rather artificial waiting that says the i-40 always handles securely and predictably and it always stays comfortable the i-40 is one point seven liter diesel engine comes.

With either 114 brake horsepower or 134 brake horsepower both versions are a wee bit flat off the bottom of the rev range but they’re gutsy enough as long as you keep them on the boil make sure you choose a version with a blue Drive badge though because thanks to engine stock start technology and low resistance tires.

These versions are also very good on co2 emissions that’s especially important for company car drivers because it helps keep monthly tax bills down lower emissions also mean good fuel economy and both Blu drive versions can average well over 60 miles per gallon the i-40 isn’t the most polished car in its class but it is capable in every single area it’s also likable very well-equipped and great value for money private buyers will love its generous five-year warranty while company car drivers will love its low running costs

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