Hyundai Veloster coupe review 2014

Hyundai Veloster coupe review 2014 the Hyundai Veloster cost a few quid less than its natural rivals and it got

a comprehensive five-year unlimited mileage warranty but none of that really

matters this is a high-end buy whose appeal doesn’t center on its price point

is dependability it’s sensible this I don’t want you to buy this car if you

really want one this is a new tour maĆ­am by the velociter is a coupe a in the

style of a VW Scirocco or Vauxhall Astra GTC or rather it is on this side around

there there’s a rear door – just like a conventional hatchback and I call this

the 1+2 door configuration and the spin says it makes it a sporty coupe a for

the driver but a practical hatchback for passengers certainly the wacky looks a more coupe aid and hatchback but to me

it looks like the designers had moreideas and they knew what to do with and

throwing them all at this compact car have made for a distinctive shape but

one that’s so busy it could almost give you a headache oh and this rear door

hyundai veloster coupe review 2014 interior

might be a useful feature but the bigger boned amongst us will

struggle to use it with any dignity if the exteriors willfully divisive

there’s nothing to quibble about in here I love the sharp lines of the interior

and these big deep set instruments give off a really sporty vibe the materials

are excellent – most encouraging is tha the driving position is spot-on

it’s amazing how often manufacturers get this wrong and in a coupe a it’s crucial

the very fact that honed I understand that is a really great first sign this

is the most basic Veloster but it’s still really well equipped and as

standard you get this 7-inch touchscreecontrol center there’s air conditioning

mp3 compatibility and rear parking sensors – and they come in really useful

because the view out of the back isn’t actually that good for those in the

cheap seats it’s not too bad either it’s not loads of room here it’s a strict

four seater and as you can see there’s not much Headroom but it’s competitive

with class rivals and the boot is the biggest of the law these upswept side

windows do make it feel a bit claustrophobic though

so far so promising them but a car like this is really defined by the way it

makes you feel when you’re driving in the looks a this is a daring left-field

dynamic car but can it really deliver a driving experience that matches that

promise well the 1.6 liter engine is no

firecracker sadly it sounds timid and a bit feeble at startup even when you rev

it there’s only just enough performance to justify its sporting pretensions opt

for the Sport package which includes 18-inch wheels leather and a panoramic

roof and suddenly the velocities competing really closely on price with

cars with more performance and more power in truth a Scirocco 1.4 TSI 160

with murder this thing in terms of performance

sadly the shut it doesn’t quite make up for that anemic engine it feels light

and agile but try and push it a bit harder and instead of being that sporty

to play you want it to be it reverts more to the sort of practical hatchbac feel the steering’s a bit too light thebody control isn’t quite as good as it

should be when you start to drive th car a bit harder in corners somehow it

just doesn’t feel as precise as agile a you hope a sports be patient be the

performance itself is respectable rathe than earth-shattering to be honest

nought to 60 is about nine point seve seconds and it does 125 all-out course

ultimate performance isn’t massive yimportant but you want to get an

impression that you’re in a sports car and in this sadly at the moment just not

quick enough in the final reckoning the Veloster is a solid but slightly tepi

coupe a it’s not quick enough or engaging enough to shoulder aside rivals

like the Scirocco or the recent mini coupe a having said that I’m sure

there’ll be loads of people who love the way it looks and buy into the weird door

system I just hope the upcoming Veloster Turbo with over 200 horsepower

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