Hyundai Venue Review 2020

From the governor here in Illinois JB pritzker you might remember him Thinking I could really use a new venue low and behold here it is it’s the 2020 Hyundai venue.

There you go there’s another epidemic upon the land is Dad humor and I’m not even a dad I hope so you know a lot of things have changed.

But some things haven’t which include the fact that we still are really into cars and you probably are too if you’re watching or maybe you’re considering buying one and with the stress on the economy right now a new affordable model like.

This one isn’t a bad one to be checking out so I still got me I got my gear I got a new model people don’t know much about I say let’s do this one of the obvious questions about the venue is what is it and it’s kind of an SUV but we don’t consider it one because it doesn’t offer all-wheel drive we kind of consider.

That the cutoff point it’s front-wheel drive only and it fits into the Hyundai lineup kind of alongside the Kona which is a subcompact SUV but bear in mind.

That the who is shorter from Bumper to Bumper than the Kona and also a little bit narrower but it does look like an SUV and I think that’s probably going to help it out because Americans prefer SUVs largely because of the utility of having a hatch and sitting.

High and all of that is here all you don’t have is the all-wheel drive with the automatic transmission it costs $19,670 that’s 1750 less than the Kona with front-wheel drive so you can see the cost Advantage right off the bat for the venue has one engine in one engine only the 1.6 L 4-cylinder and it’s not turbocharged it has a rated 121 horsepower 113 pound feet of torque that is not a lot and it doesn’t really feel like a lot either

But in a lot of cases you don’t need it the relatively light car where is headquartered here in Chicago it’s the Flatland so without Hills to climb doesn’t really affect us that much do you hear that shifting and then it’s just down and that’s pretty impressive considering that this transmission is a continuously variable transmission it’s the only automatic available there’s a 6-speed manual available on the base as he everything else is a CVT and they’re designed to make that shifting action just because people were so freaked out by the fact that cvts were just going to that drone mode and stay revving high

Without coming back down and making that shifting action it’s almost like seeing a baby climb up on something high if I get high if I have to come down and have to come down and everyone’s like anxious if it doesn’t come down or something like that but overall it’s an efficient car something seems to be working the EPA rating for Combined driving is 32 miles per gallon which is pretty good so it’s nice to have modestly powered vehicle like this that actually delivers cuz sometimes you get modestly powered vehicles that are also not so great on gas so good there now for what it’s worth there are Drive modes sport mode actually makes it sporty or Feeling by keeping the revs higher you’re going to sacrifice some fuel efficiency this way but it does make it more responsive all the time when I sleep executed mode there’s also a snow mode which is good to have in a 2 wheel drive car and it makes the accelerator a little bit more sluggish which actually helps prevent spin your wheels overall it’s not a quick car which is kind of a shame because they’re no cars out here I could go really fast right now but I got nowhere to go I can’t I don’t have to go to work I can’t really go anywhere and if everything’s closed this might be the perfect car for a pandemic cuz it’s not real quick and you can’t go anywhere anyway handling overall this is nice the steering feel is good it’s not a sports car but pretty sophisticated suspension for an affordable car the wheelbase is short which can make for more body motions in a smaller car on bad pavement but by and large not bad advanced Safety Systems that are included our lane keep assist which is nice it’s actually kind of scaring me a little bit back in and also has Lane departure warning if I let it go too far it’ll be that me and forward Collision warning here we go it was the beat detection and autonomous braking in the blind spot warning and rear cross-traffic alert which is an option cruise control is included but adaptive cruise control is not which is unfortunate one of the advantages to the SUV type shape the boxy shape is a lot of Headroom front and back.

I’m 6ft tall I have the seat all the way up it adjusts for height as well as for a nap until and even with the optional moonroof that comes in the convenience package optional convenience package in this SEL I still have clearance which is great now if you want extra clearance and you don’t want the moon roof that means you also have to do away with some other things like the sliding rest here in the center console and a leather steering wheel and also the rear cross-traffic assist and blind spot so if you might not want to give that up if you fit power seats are not available they’re all manual unfortunately the passenger seat doesn’t have a height adjustment Which is less of an issue for you know fitting people in cuz of the bedroom but some people like to sit higher unfortunately not an option but that’s not out of the ordinary for an affordable car like this quality even in a loaded version like this which is pushing about 24 Grand you’re going to find some hard surfaces that’s typical again for the price range cabin storages decent couple of cup holders the center storage console is pretty spare pretty small door Pockets so so but nice little shelf here for things like your your smartphone and such pretty nicely done that brings us to the touchscreen which is larger than average at 8 in measured diagonally pretty nicely done with real-time traffic alerts available on the TL and standard on the denim.

Which is one step up from this and for what it’s worth we think the denim interior is nicer just makes a better impression even those as one of the high trim levels it just doesn’t feel as rich without the color so another great thing is that the system supports standard Apple carplay and Android auto which is a must especially in an in an affordable car like this you get navigation essentially for free off of your phone all you got to do is plug it in the touch screens are pretty clear to understand everything’s laid out there quick access button is right below and their real buttons not touch sensitive thing there’s a power volume knob a tuning knob so many cars don’t have that the ventilation controls very clear all really simple exactly what you want here in the back seat again the advantage in the head room is great especially great back here because the moonroof only comes back to about here to actually have more head room in the back seat in a car with a moonroof not as great I’ve got the seat where I had to drive which was all the way back and all the way up and my knees are just touching and their ways of it which is unfortunate that’s pretty common nowadays manufacturers put the seed a little bit lower cuz it buys you Headroom it seems unnecessary here.

I think I would have preferred of secret higher and I could sit on my tailbone Dakota has maybe four or five tenths of an inch more legroom so that’s comprable it’s when you get into something like the Kia Soul where you get more leg room with a large vehicle that has about four in more leg room there’s more Comfort there not a lot of amenities back here you might notice there’s a net pocket here but not one here no means of charging your mobile devices that’s a bit of a bummer but again it’s an affordable vehicle and that’s not out of the ordinary what it is pretty small vehicle but you get a good amount of space back here and there are some neat tricks.

I got to show you the cardboard cover is you know typical of an expensive vehicle unfortunate how to remove it anymore that’s the Sara Lee look at slides back like that that’s nice here’s another one good amount of space By the way comprable to the Kona text wish her a little hard to trust we just haven’t had a chance to work this up yet now here underneath the floor a lot of good space you got your spare tire some tools you can put stuff under their sure but here’s another trick that we’re starting to see a lot more of them if you slide this into a different Channel you can lower it and now you have a whole lot more volume and you can carry something collar.

Which is great and also know how close you are to the back seat so you don’t need releases back here you just reach full and flip on in that case though obviously you either have to put this back up or remove it and she’s pretty simple you want more space you are going to have to go for something like this Soul.

Which is longer and has a good deal more cargo volume overall the new venue is pretty impressive we’re not turn off big fans of model after model being added to the market into a lineup if it doesn’t have a reason for being in this one kind of skates by because it is front-wheel drive only and it is smaller than some of the other vehicles in the the Hyundai lineup and people are looking for nowadays especially as the economy is under so much pressure that we didn’t see coming just a few weeks ago so we’re checking out thanks.

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