Infiniti G37 coupe review

you this is the Infiniti g37 to pay you might be thinking what the hell is an Infiniti g37 thief a well is a suave sophisticated rival to the fastest Lda v BMW 3-series coupe ace you might not know very much about infinity but I can tell you this the g37 coupe a is a sweet entertaining and high quality bit of infinity

is miss Anne’s luxury brand just like Toyota has Lexus they sell in tiny numbers in the UK from innovative boutique II dealerships Infiniti is all about performance and luxury and this g37 too is the ultimate expression of that

this is a large full 4 seater coupe a slightly bigger than rivals from Audi and BMW and although it’s perhaps not a raving beauty is a handsome and well proportioned car infinities well-established in the US and there’s some real West Coast cool about this shape of course this exclusivity means that it’s much more distinctive out on the road than its German rivals

it’s at its best from the rear three-quarter we can really see it’s dynamic stance this neat integrated rear spoiler and the big twin exit exhaust let you know that the g37 coupe a has a really big stick under is refined and laid-back exterior this is usually where it gets tricky for cars that shoot for BMW and Audi how do you compete with the class clarity and quality of the German rivals well Infinity’s just got its own way and overall the results are superb the sweeping samurai sword curve of the dash is unique the entertainment system is brilliant and easy to use and these deeply padded seats are brilliantly supportive okay so there’s the odd bit of cheap plastic donated by the Nissan 370z which also shares its 3.7 liter v6 petrol engine with

this Infiniti I don’t think they greatly detract from an interior that’s cohesive luxurious and very definitely not made in Germany for people looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary that’s really really important criticisms well as you can see Headroom is at a premium there’s not a huge amount of legroom either but that really is just about it so far this feels every inch arrival for the big boys so it opens apart on the road then well no actually in fact the way

this thing drives only adds to its appeal this is the s premium model with all the toys and the s in its name is crucial is that the notice of sport chassis which brings retune dampers a limited slip differential for improved traction and a clever four-wheel drive system that makes

this big coupe a feels supremely agile the GP plays just a really nicely sorted car the steering is quick and full of feel the car responds accurately and cleanly and even at high speeds it remained really composed and nicely balanced in fact is a bit of a hooligan it’s got something of the wildness of the 370z sports car underneath these layers of refinement if you do turn the traction control off you’ll find a natural-born entertainment I mentioned the 370z because the two cars share a great deal it’s got the same unfashionably large 3.7 liter petrol engine here producing 316 horsepower and driving through a 7 speed automatic gearbox with the paddle shifters got the same rear-wheel drive chassis and there’s plenty of other bits that you can’t see that they share too but you’ve never guess it really in the mist and the dink v6 in for a fan vocal here it smooths and it fading the background when you want it to it’s just more polish to everything infinity done of course with the market domination of diesel and the co2 based taxation system very few people in the UK will find out just our appealing the g37 coupe a is that’s a real shame

because this car is a hoot to drive and it’s loaded with character too as you might have already guessed I’m a bit of a fan of this infinity for some people its appeal will simply be that it’s not an Aldi a BMW or a mercedes-benz but that’s to sell it short the g37 coupe a can stand on its own four wheels is an accomplished well-built and stylish machine more than that though it places fun and driver involvement right at the core of its experience

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