Jaguar XF Sportbrake Car Review

Jaguar XF Sportbrake Car Review think of Jaguar and you probably think of the XJ saloon or the XK coupe a and convertible you almost certainly don’t think of an estate car get us just what we have here the estate version of the award-winning XF saloon mind

you in Jaguar speed they don’t call it anything quite as common as an estate instead this is the XF Sportbrake and its role in life is to break the German dominance at the executive estate car market

the beauty of the XF Sportbrake is just that its beauty and you soon realize that its name is perfectly appropriate not only does it heart back to the classic old shooting breaks to call something so svelte and elegant and estate would

have been a criminal offense at the front the Sportbrake is identical to the saloon but from the b-pillar backwards every panel is new and a design is packed full of neat little touches

I particularly like this black c-pillar the extended silver line that runs the entire length of the car and the way these slim rear lights lend into this chrome panel on the boot lid that said the XF does emphasize

Jaguar XF Sportbrake Car Review

form over function and if you simply want the biggest estate car then the Mercedes e-class will be a better choice for you however the use of space back here is clever the boot floor includes a panel that’s split into three sections allow

you to wedge small items in place and underneath that is a tray to look after your valuables and there are levers built into the side of the boot to fold down the rear seats so you don’t need to lean right in LED lights shine on Stu ground

when the tailgate is open and it includes a soft close function so there’s no need to slam it shut it’s not just outside where the excess Sportbrake earns each design is a serious pat on the back

is every bit of special insight to the materials the build quality are absolutely top-notch and there’s this wonderful bit of theater when you hit the start button just as importantly or the basics are spot-on

the drive musician is absolutely perfect and the seats are every bit as comfortable as your favorite armchair despite the almost coupe a like roofline there’s actually a couple more inches of headroom in the back of the Sportbrake

than in the XS saloon and that means even a 6-footer like me can sit here in complete comfort the Sportbrake is just five millimeters longer than the saloon and less than 70 kilos heavier and that means it’s every bit as good to drive

which is praise indeed the ride is wonderfully smooth the refinement excellent and the handling superb the diesel engines with really good performance – although this 2.2 litre is a bit noisy when you really

put your foot down but no matter what you want and small break to do it does it and it does it very well it’ll cruise down the motorway absolute refinement and comfort but when you want to blast down your favorite B Road

it does that just as well not without good reason is the first syllable of its name Sport the big change over the saloon is that this sport break has self-leveling rear suspension so that means no matter how much luggage

you have in the boot it’s always every bit as accomplished it also means it’s an excellent tow car to the jugular may not have much of a track record in estate cars in fact this is only the second one

its ever produced but that lack of experience doesn’t show not only is the XF Sportbrake a wonderfully elegant piece of design it’s great to drive and a really practical piece of kit too we have no doubt it’s one of the very best cars in its class

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