Jaguar XJL saloon review 2014

if you want your luxury saloon to make a bit of a statement then the Jaguar XJ will certainly do that it may beconsidered quite a left-field optioamongst the Teutonic Lda eights and Mercedes s classes of this world but

it’s good enough for the PM think it’ll do for us with the XJ Jaguar offered the straight jacket of a single style for decades so in this version rocked up in 2009 it probably gave a few of the old faithful a heart attack if you look a little longer though

you’ll note the proportions are still very much a Jaguar albeit in a thoroughly modern way I love this stretched teardrop window graphic

but the best view is when you return into the car after around a golf and you’ll note that this blacked out pillar offers a graphic continuation of

the rear glass to emphasise the visual width be warned though this isn’t the sort of shape to go experimenting with color so keep it simple and the alloys big as soon as you step inside the cabin there’s an intimacy and inwardness that are essential to driving and being driven in luxury the long wheelbase version of the XJ affords rear passengers another 125 millimeters of legroom and this glass roof increases our sense of space

upfront there’s a beautiful blend of old-school crafted luxury and super high-tech as well as a touch of British eccentricity you won’t find that in an RV the dashboard gets this wraparound Carbon rail that envelops the

entire cockpit but there’s also a heated leather steering wheel fully digital display as well as a touchscreen infotainment system that covers everything from your music hard drive to your heated leather seats so even a dual view TV screen that simultaneously allows the driver to view the satellite navigation while the passenger watches the telly the only downsides are that rear visibility is a little poor which

makes using the reversing camera essential and the boot isn’t quite as deep as a Mercedes a spa chauffeur’s should note that the XJ doesn’t float and glide over bumps quite as well as its predecessors however the trade-off of that is that

you get a much more engaging driver’s car the XJ uses a loads of aluminium in its construction and you can really feel that with every input being so light and accurate and precise this range-topping XJ Supersport uses a 5 liter supercharged v8 and it is indecently fast especially when you engage dynamic

driving mode but back in the real world the best-selling 3 litre twin-turbocharged v6 diesel is still impeccably refined still uses the 8-speed automatic gearbox and it’s pretty quick but not to 62 miles an hour taking 6 point 4 seconds the Jaguar XJ

has both the class and confidence to move the game on substantially from those highly retrospective offerings of old as well as challenge the dominance of the ultra high tech Mercedes s-class

it may leaves out marginally in the ride comfort stakes but it’s something to be seen in the Jags in another league

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