Kia Sportage SUV 2013 Review

Kia Sportage SUV 2013 Review remember.

When kir was a brand that people would turn their noses up to a brand that you’d only go for

if you weren’t overly stroked on boards or Vauxhall’s or even bad snobbery well those days are long gone and here is now a high quality brand in its own right

the old sport ours was a novel tape on the vide SUV market

but the new one that’s good enough to rival Ford and even some of its German rivals when most people hear you say care they look a little crestfallen that’s

because they associate it with boxy chunks of drab nastiness designed by a man with a ruler and a heart full of good intentions but that’s not the case

with the Sportage it’s a modern convey design that wouldn’t look out of place alongside more prestigious offerings

it takes Kia’s Tiger nose detail and makes the focal point at the front of the car integrating these headlamps to create this curve the gaping mouth unlike her jaws of old having a big mouth hasn’t worked against

it instead it all looks a little bit stylish the rear of the car is a little more sober though it has been done well

but we can’t help but feel there’s a little bit of form over function going on especially with this small rear window which does limit visibility inside the cabin hasn’t been given the same designed treatment as the exterior that’s not to say is a bad

thing it’s still a marked improvement on the sports hours of old you still get this lofty king of the road driving position which means you can lord

Kia Sportage SUV 2013 Review Car

it over the road ahead of you one of the major attractions for pseudo 4×4 and although the controls and barrels are logically placed all just feels a little bit bland entry-level models aside the dash materials do feel pretty good so quad poke and hole and they

have a durable feel to them too so they should stand the test of time the Sportage has been built with the family and mind so you’ve got eight years of space for all sorts of knickknacks you’ve got a glove box down here.

Kia Sportage SUV 2013 Review Models

which is massive you’ve got some more storage and there are a couple of good cupholders and areas for all yet everyday knickknacks all that practicality from

the front has been carried through to the rear – you get me nice big storage bins for suite and two cupholders in the center armrest you also get a decent sized boot and the rear seats fold 6040 to increase

the boot space even further it’s time to drop the truth Bob the Kia Sportage is nowhere near as fun to drive as the box-shaped Skoda Yeti

but it will compete with many of its rivals in the ride and handling states it is available with four-wheel drive but think of it more as a safety a rather than an off-roader as it’s normally powered to see the front

wheels and then send power to the rear when it’s necessary of the four engines on offer weird go for the 2-liter diesel performance is pretty similar to the other three but power and torque figures make for smoother Drive it also be good for towing

if you have the view that Kier is just a budget brand that makes cheap and nasty cars and it’s time for a rethink the Sportage have a lot going for it it’s got better engines more space more practicality and it’s more desirable and with seven years warranty got ultimate peace of mind.

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