Lamborghini Huracan review 2014

once upon a time people forgave Lamborghinis for being frankly not very good because they were absolutely in certifiably bonkers those days are now gone because buyers spending so much money on a car demand much more than just brash looks and insane speed the modern Lambo is now a more grown-up more well-rounded offering and the hurrican

which faces off against cars like the Ferrari 458 Italia and the McLaren 650s is proof Lamborghini may obtain things down a bit but the modern Lambo the hurricane included is certainly no shrinking violet the front end is all sharp edges and angular details and instantly that gives a look of menace and aggression at the sides the brashness is provided by these jagged air intakes top and bottom but for us it’s at the back end

where the hurricane really shows its true colors these massive outboard mounted quad exhausts dominate proceedings but the spangly light clusters and the compact rear haunches also add to the drama of which it’s safe to say there’s plenty

you the cabin isn’t short on drama Reva check out this little cover for the start button which looks like the missile launcher on a jet fighter there how’s that for shock at all and perhaps most surprisingly for a Lamborghini it’s actually quite comfortable in here the space you get is pretty generous and there is loads of adjustment for your driving position true the cabin isn’t completely free at classic Lambo weirdness the indicators are operated by this slider switch on the steering wheel and it is impossible to cancel a signal without signaling the other way and it drives you mad this TFT monitor behind the steering wheel is also pretty cluttered

because it contains all your infotainment menus as well as your usual driving instruments you get hardly any kit as standard either sat-nav Bluetooth even an alarm cost extra so the rear parking sensors and with the view on the back of this thing you are going to need those and while the interior feels reasonably exotic there are just one or two places

where the quality of the materials is just a wee bit disappointing to be fair though that is a criticism you could level at most supercars and the same goes for the miniscule space you get for your luggage however the most important thing about any supercar is the way it drives and the current pad won’t disappoint performance is provided by literally aspirated 5.2 liter v10 six two four eight horsepower vital statistics nought to sixty two in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 202 miles per hour but it’s the way that the powers delivered

that it really gets you because there’s no turbo charger you get mobile peaks and troughs in the power delivery so the acceleration is just endless and if you select one of the small tia settings of this rocker switch down here the exhaust is a whole lot louder and it sounds ha I think that really says the miracle above its rivals is the fact that it’s four-wheel drive rather the rear-wheel drive and that gives you immense grip attraction when it’s a click the set beds and even a relatively inexperienced driver you can get this thing in the cross country pretty darn quickly and feel like an absolute hero in the process but if we’re honest Sumerians driver

the her account lacks a little something compared with its rivals for Ferrari of McLaren it just doesn’t quite feel as deft or as graceful or as responsive as those cars and the steering just doesn’t give you the same feeling of connection with the road that said the Huracan is the most refined Lamborghini we have driven in some years thanks in no small part to this smooth twin-clutch gearbox this particular car also has the optional adaptive suspension and in its least hardcore setting the ride is on that rule however

it’s still not as refined or as comfortable as a McLaren 650s overall the hurrican isn’t the most polished supercar of its type but it’s the closest Lamborghini has clung to troubling the class leaders for many many years importantly it’s still a Lambo outrageous looking outrageously fast and outrageously noisy also it’s a more left-field choice than a Ferrari or a McLaren and that in itself will be extremely appealing to many supercar buyers

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