Land Rover Discovery Sport review 2015

Land Rover Discovery Sport review 2015 Landrover wants to turn the discovery name into a whole new range of desirable models which straddle the gap between its luxurious range over and toughies boots defender the first one to arrive is an SUV with a trick up its sleeve the seven seat Discovery sport desirability is key for any new 4×4 hoping to lure image-conscious

buyers away from brands as strong as Aldi and BMW the new Discovery sport though should have no problems standing out here in the front you can clearly see that the distinctive looks have been inspired by the glitzier Range Rover Evoque it’s got the same clamshell bonnet these rounded lights and a bluff front end but here if you look closely on the front

you’ll see that the lettering reads discovery rather than Range Rover to differentiate between the two the LED running lights at the front of the car look a little bit like a pair of crosshairs

Land Rover Discovery Sport review 2015

and that’s a pattern that’s repeated here at the back with these rear lights you’ve also got a sloping roofline these blacked-out pillars which is both to disguise the bulk of the car and then a chunky set of bumpers with an off-road bias climb up behind the wheel and you’re greeted with Land Rovers trademark blend of reassuring solidity with splashes of real quality the upright

driving position is present and correct and the only exception to that rule is this nasty manual gear lever which looks and feels like a bit of an afterthought this upright Center stack is really simply laid out and it’s very easy to use and sat on top of it is one of the Discovery Sports best features – slick eight inch touchscreen display used to control the infotainment system and all of the sat-nav it’s a huge improvement over anything you get in a previous

Land Rover Discovery Sport review 2015 Model

Land Rover – that’s because it’s very responsive and the clear graphics make it easy to read when you’re on the move practicality though is where

this car really excels itself this interior has definitely been designed thoughtfully and with families in mind so there’s huge door bins the stacks of storage and lots of different USB ports and power sockets that everyone on board can charge their phones while you’re on the move and it also has an incredibly versatile seating layout despite its compact length there are actually seven seats squeezed in

here in the interior and this middle row is easily big enough to fit three adults it also has some good tricks of its sleeve too so they individually slide forward and back and they’ll fold down so increase the boot space or even recline to make sure your passengers are comfortable as possible these two seats pop up in a single motion from the boot floor and although you don’t get a lot of luggage space

when they’re up they do mean that you can carry an extra two people on board no problem as you can see there’s not a great deal of space though so they’re best left the kids or emergencies you now with all those seats and all that space you might be fooled into thinking that the Discovery sport handles a bit like a school bus but you’ll actually be very pleasantly surprised

it drives really nicely for a tall SUV lot that’s down to this steering although its electronically assisted is really nicely weighted very precise and accurate and it also rides really nicely over the bumps and crests except at low speeds where things can get a little bit choppy on a faster road like this one your six passengers will have very little to complain about in terms of comfort

it’s also a Land Rover and that just simply means that it’s going to be more capable than most four by fours when it comes to the rough stuff as standard it gets hill descent control cross country tires and a Terrain Response system which allows you to change different settings on the traction control and it will let you give it much grip as possible on whatever surface you choose to drive it on whether

that’s muddy ruts on a farm track or even on a sandy beach something like that however there are two things that are quite badly wrong with the Discovery sport and they’re also sadly fairly important ones the engine is one of them the 2.2 litre diesel has plenty of pulling power in gear

but it also sends a lot of unpleasant vibrations and noise into the cabin through your steering wheel and the gear lever and it’s not very efficient either the other major disappointment is the six-speed manual gearbox it’s fitted as standard but take it from us it’s actually best avoided the reason for that is it’s quite a vague imprecise shift takes real practice to find a rhythm

with it and the ratio is a fairly oddly spaced there is also an optional 9 speed automatic gearbox and we definitely go for that if you can afford it apart from getting rid of this horrible gear leaver it’s also just a lot smoother and quicker shifting through the gear the Discovery sport ticks a lot of boxes as an incredibly practical rugged 70 SUV which also somehow manages to look desirable and feel luxurious inside

it has more safety kit and space than any of its rivals and handles well to the noisy engine and awkward manual gearbox are both disappointing but hopefully land Raval fix these problems sooner rather than later if you enjoyed watching this video then click the button below to subscribe to our youtube channel or leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the Discovery sport

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