Land Rover Range Rover 4×4 Review

Land Rover Range Rover 4×4 Review very few cars can genuinely be called motoring icons but we feel safe in saying that the Range Rover is one of them the trouble is when you’re updating an icon it’s a really tricky process

you have to balance the desire for progress with a need to retain what it was that made the car an icon in the first place when Lander is said about designing this fourth generation model the customers simply said

don’t change it just make it better but for Land Rover better wasn’t good enough they wanted to make not just the best luxury SUV but the best luxury vehicle full stop so let’s see just how successfull

Land Rover Range Rover 4×4 Review

they’ve been the company calls this a bold evolution of the classic design but it’s still unmistakably a Range Rover the traditional headlight shaped clamshell bonnet and imposing grille are all present and correct as ever

it’s the proportions that really make this a Range Rover the way the three major horizontal lines work together along the roof the waistline and the sill and with a short front overhang and a long rear overhang

it gives the car a real elegance of course there is some progress but it’s been achieved without being fussy or contrived in the quest of better aerodynamics for instance the basic shape is more rounded and softer than on previous models and there

are lots of lovely little details – like the headlights being modeled on camera lenses for example in the metal the car impresses you was its size its scale and its grandeur it may be almost five meters long

but the vertical details in the front doors reduce the impression of length and the hockey stick graphics that can be either color-coded or finished in chrome add an elegant design flourish

just as outside so inside some things haven’t changed you still get armchair style front seats and imperious driving position and the cabin is covered in a mixture of leather and wood but there are some new features like this

8 inch touchscreen that reduces the amount of buttons on the center console if you’re buying one we recommend two upgrades first the panoramic glass roof and secondly the Meridian signature reference sound system overall there are only a couple of areas that are actually disappointing first the gear change pedals are plastic

when you really want aluminium and the chunky typography on the dashboard just chips away at that luxury car feel on the other hand you certainly won’t complain about

how much room there is inside this is the biggest Range Rover ever and whether you’re sat in the front or the back you’ll have a KERS of space the boot is enormous too and features a fully electric split tailgate

which is really handy given the current fashion for SUV size prams the Range Rover is one of the widest cars on sale in the UK but as always you can cope

with its sheer size there’s nothing about driving it that should cause you any problems for a start this fourth generation version is much lighter than the previous model and that means

it feels remarkably light on its feet and agile even it’s really comfortable and refined too and it simply glides down the road with a super slick 8-speed automatic gearbox on every model one of the benchmarks

are Land Rover when developing this car was the rolls-royce ghost and it really shows this is a superb luxury car last but not least the Range Rover is also superb off-road not only does it have 300 millimetres ground clearance

it also has the excellent Terrain Response system coupled with hill descent control that means that it can tackle any sort of terrain and any sort of weather you could possibly throw at

it the Range Rover is an automotive icon that single-handedly invented the prestige 4×4 market

but with this fourth generation model the company has raised its game again thanks to its lightweight chassis and sophisticated Terrain Response system its luxurious it’s classy and superb to drive both on and off road this is the most capable luxury 4×4 you can buy

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